Teamtreehouse Java Spring with Hibernate Course

Teamtreehouse Java Spring with Hibernate Course
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Using Hibernate to manage relational data in a Spring web application is not only an extremely powerful and scalable approach, but also widely used. In this course, we’ll add a database to an animated GIF library, and discuss some more powerful features of Spring and Thymeleaf, such as HTML forms, file uploading, form validation, and flash messaging.
What you’ll learn


Integrating Hibernate with Spring

As a first step toward using Hibernate in a Spring application, we first discuss how to configure a Spring app to include Hibernate for data management. We’ll add the necessary dependencies and configuration code so that a Hibernate SessionFactory can be autowired into Spring components and used to fetch data from the database.

Data-Driven Application Design

During this stage, we discuss the service-DAO software design pattern. By creating loosely-coupled components as separate layers in our applications, we can increase the maintainability, extensibility, reusability, and testability of our code.

Getting Started with CRUD in Spring + Hibernate

With our service-DAO design pattern intact, it’s time to tackle the various operations of Giflib. In this stage, we implement a post-redirect-get pattern in Spring and discuss the use of forms in Thymeleaf.

User Messages in Spring

In this stage we discuss the use of two kinds of messages to keep users informed: form validation messages and flash messages. For both of these we’ll leverage Spring’s RedirectAttributes in order for these messages to survive a redirect.

File Uploads and Entity Updates in Spring + Hibernate

In this final stage of the course, we discuss how to allow users the ability to upload files with HTML, as well as how to process those file uploads with Spring. In addition, we take the forms for adding categories and GIFs and make them reusable for updating each of those entities.

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