Talia Sutra – Meditations for Love Yoga Series

Talia Sutra – Meditations for Love Yoga Series
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This series comprises four 15-minute pranayama and guided meditation classes based on the four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. These short practices bring calmness, awareness, and softness to even the most hurried and stress-filled lives.

In this series you will get:

– Simple 15-minute pranayama and meditation practices.
– Soothing visualizations for when you want to connect to yourself and return to center.
– The power to observe yourself with compassion and kindness so that you are able to extend the same to others.

Each class begins with 5 minutes of pranayama followed by 10 minutes of guided meditation to purify the respiratory system and soothe the nervous system. The elemental themes help you channel whichever energy will serve your needs best; you can tap into the fluidity and ease of water, the grounding and centering of earth, the energizing effect of fire, or the open expansiveness of air.


Water permeates all life and is at the center of all creation. Today, we ask water to heal us of our deepest mental, physical, emotional and spiritual pains. You’ll start the class with ujjayi breath, and softly and fluidly transition into the day’s meditation. Before class, fill a cup of water and have it ready and by your side.


Today’s class centers around energizing fire. To tap into this element, we’ll utilize a candle for a gazing meditation, and use the eyes to train the mind for total concentration. The pranayama aspect of class centers around Kapalabhati breath, or skull-shining breath, to heat the body and cleanse your internal system.


Rooting to the earth can mean many things, but ultimately references rooting to whatever is ancient and stable and grounded. Today, you’ll access this power, let it inspire you, and ground you through practicing complete yogic breath and an earth-themed meditation. Have a rock, crystal, stone, mala bead, or another object you connect with to help you draw energy from the earth element.


Air offers us an open and expansive connection to life, but is something we cannot feel, see, or grasp. Instead, we rely on faith and letting go to tap into the element. Today’s class explores these ideas through meditation and alternate nostril breathing to help you feel open, alive, and connected to your surroundings.

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