Linkedin Learning – Learning the AWS Well-Architected Framework Online Class

Linkedin Learning – Learning the AWS Well-Architected Framework Online Class-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework helps enterprise architects build more secure high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud-based infrastructure for their applications. Amazon created the Framework to promote AWS best practices and help architects and engineers get up and running more quickly. This course serves as a high-level introduction, providing a general overview of the Framework, its benefits, and its five pillars: operational
excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. Instructor Mark Wilkins also provides demos of the main Framework tools, including the Well-Architected Tool, Well-Architected Labs, and other [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Data-Driven Learning Design

Linkedin Learning – Data-Driven Learning Design-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Work skills are starting to have increasingly shorter shelf lives. Consequently, professionals of all stripes need access to high-quality learning and development (L&D) options that equip them with the skills they need to remain competitive. In this course, learn how L&D professionals can leverage the power of data to create learning content that more effectively helps learners upskill. Learn about the data-driven learning design process and how to build a data strategy of your own Instructor Lori Niles discusses the importance of data analysis on learner behavior prior to solution design. She also details how marketing uses data and how L&D professionals can apply some of those techniques to increase content consumption. Plus, learn how to make informed decisions when choosing a learning management system, leverage data to have more successful conversations with stakeholders, and start closing learning gaps at your organization [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Microsoft Power Apps AI Builder Online Class

Linkedin Learning – Microsoft Power Apps AI Builder Online Class-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Microsoft Power Apps gives both business power users and professional developers the ability to quickly create powerful, low-code/no-code business apps. With the AI Builder in Power Apps, you can make your apps and workflows even smarter by adding AI capabilities no programming experience required. In this course, instructor Gini von Courter helps you get up and running with AI Builder, showing you how to create custom AI models that can be used in Power Apps or Power Automate. Gini explains how to create AI automation for tasks such as form processing, object detection, and text classification. Along the way, she demonstrates how to build each model; train, review, and test the models; and then implement them in your projects [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Parallel and Concurrent Programming with C Plus Plus Part 2

Linkedin Learning – Parallel and Concurrent Programming with C Plus Plus Part 2-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Write more efficient, performant code by mastering the fundamentals of parallel programming. In this course instructors Barron and Olivia Stone pick up where they left off in the first installment of the Parallel and Concurrent Programming with C++ series, explaining what you need to know to write programs that execute multiple instructions simultaneously. Barron and Olivia dig into some more advanced concepts like condition variables and semaphores in a fun and informative way, relating them to everyday activities you perform in the kitchen. To cement these ideas, they demo them in action using C++. Each lesson is short and practical, driving home the theory with hands-on techniques [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Learning Amazon Web Services AWS QuickSight Online Class

Linkedin Learning – Learning Amazon Web Services AWS QuickSight Online Class-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Amazon Web Services (AWS) QuickSight is a powerful data analytics and visualization tool for monitoring data analyzing trends, and making decisions. You can leverage ETL processes to get data, shape it into a viable form for calculations and analysis, then load the data into the visualization interface. From there, you can create visuals and charts to share the data trends and analysis to communicate it to a wider audience and key stakeholders. Join instructor Helen Wall in this course, as she shows how to use all the features of QuickSight. Learn how to connect to data sources, including Excel files, S3 buckets, and SQL Server; transform data and add calculations; load data into the QuickSight visualization interface; and create and format engaging visualizations and dashboards. Helen also explains how to share your work through dashboards that others can access on their computers or mobile devices, and share work outside the platform via email exports, and embedded applications [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Secure Coding in Python Online Class

Linkedin Learning – Secure Coding in Python Online Class-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Learn how to develop more secure Python applications. In this course, instructor Ronnie Sheer reviews the most common vulnerabilities in Python apps and explains how to set up a coding environment that helps you develop code with security in mind. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls associated with loose
typing and assertions and find out how to deserialize Pickle data. Then explore the security features such as code generation and secrets management in Django, a popular Python framework. Ronnie also explains how to secure a RESTful API in Django using permissions, data serialization, and automated testing, and closes the course with some tips for securing applications written with Flask, a powerful micro web [Read more…]