A Cloud Guru Basic Chef Fluency Badge

A Cloud Guru Basic Chef Fluency Badge-ViGOROUS
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Category: Tutorial

Hello Cloud Gurus,

The Chef platform is a multifaceted approach to administering the complexities of infrastructure management. Chef utilizes the concept of “infrastructure as code” to allow us to express our infrastructure policy as object-oriented code that is versionable, testable, and repeatable.
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A Cloud Guru – Serverless Framework with GraphQL

A Cloud Guru – Serverless Framework with GraphQL-ViGOROUS
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Category: Tutorial

Using a serverless approach to build A Cloud Guru, we were able to get a fully interactive online social learning platform to market in a fraction of the time that it would have taken us in the past. We can now innovate quickly, and add new features to the user interface continuously - without having to touch so many layers of code for each new feature.

We want you to experience the same benefits. Serverless is one of the hottest topics in the cloud in 2017. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean there aren’t any servers. Of course there are, but someone else is managing, securing, maintaining and patching them, taking the load and responsibility off your shoulders and freeing you up to focus on building your unique product.

In this course, you will be introduced to 2 powerful tools for developers: The Serverless Framework and _GraphQL. _The Serverless Framework is the first framework for building applications exclusively on AWS Lambda. GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

This is a lab-driven, hands-on course where you build a fully serverless website on AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and API Gateway. You will complete 3 different projects while learning how to use The Serverless Framework and GraphQL.

This is a fairly technical course. The ideal student is already familiar with mobile or web frontend development, and wants to learn how they can build their own backend. If you’re not there just yet, you may consider our Serverless for Beginners course.

This is for students that are tired of:

• writing REST endpoints that they’ll have to support until the last user updates their mobile app

• managing a full infrastructure made up of EC2 instances, autoscaling groups, and config management tools.

• paying for a bunch of idle servers if they guess their capacity needs wrong.

• shelling out for expensive separate test environments as a solo developer.

• calling multiple endpoints to assemble all the data they need for every page of their app.

Learn how to take advantage of the latest tools to make your app or web site snappy & easy to add features to.

Learn how to have every part of your dev-test-deploy cycle automated so they can focus on their code.

Learn how to let AWS handle the hard work of scaling up and down to meet demand.

All you need is The Serverless Framework with GraphQL.

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A Cloud Guru – Starting Your Business Transformation

A Cloud Guru – Starting Your Business Transformation-ViGOROUS
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Category: Tutorial

Starting Your Business Transformation Where You Are
Deploying the Improvement Kata
Leading Transformation
Running and Scaling Transformation Initiatives
Ten Principles for Business Transformation
Get updates from Barry, Jez, and Joanne
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A Cloud Guru – Kubernetes Deep Dive

A Cloud Guru – Kubernetes Deep Dive-ViGOROUS
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Category: Tutorial

Hello Cloud Gurus!

Kubernetes is fast-becoming the most important cloud-native technology in the world, and this is the ultimate one-stop Kubernetes course.
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A Cloud Guru – Docker for DevOps From Development to Production

A Cloud Guru – Docker for DevOps From Development to Production-ViGOROUS
English | Size: 1.58 GB
Category: Tutorial

From Docker novice to DevOps expert in 7 hours.

Looking to level up your skills by deploying your own web application? How about furthering your career by picking up years worth of general DevOps skills?
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A Cloud Guru – Running Agile at Scale

A Cloud Guru – Running Agile at Scale-ViGOROUS
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Category: Tutorial

There are several frameworks which aim to enable large organizations to implement the ideas and principles of the agile manifesto. However the results often fail to create transformative change. In this course, I’ll describe the common issues that arise when trying to implement agile at scale, discuss how to run large programs in an agile way, provide a case study of such an implementation, and show how worker-led continuous improvement is at the heart of an effective agile adoption. [Read more…]

A Cloud Guru – Automating AWS with Python

A Cloud Guru – Automating AWS with Python-ViGOROUS
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Category: Tutorial

01 – About The Course
Hello Cloud Gurus,
In this course, you’ll learn techniques and strategies for automating AWS with Python:

Command line scripts
Lambda functions
Authentication and permissions
Creating and managing cloud resources
Reporting and metrics
Integrating with third party services
Image processing
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A Cloud Guru – Introduction to Serverless on Azure

A Cloud Guru – Introduction to Serverless on Azure-ViGOROUS
English | Size: 566.95 MB
Category: Tutorial

Introduction :
What is Serverless?
Azure Serverless Offering
Serverless Patterns
What We’re Building
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A Cloud Guru – Docker Fundamentals

A Cloud Guru – Docker Fundamentals-ViGOROUS
English | Size: 746.71 MB
Category: Tutorial

Docker Offers a Better Way to Build and Distribute Your Applications

This course is meant for anyone looking to improve the way they build and distribute applications. You could be a web developer, sysadmin, operations manager, or someone who is part of an IT / testing / QA team.
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A Cloud Guru – Moving Fast with Defined Constraints

A Cloud Guru – Moving Fast with Defined Constraints-ViGOROUS
English | Size: 271.02 MB
Category: Tutorial

Technology is no longer the primary bottleneck in an organization’s effort to move quickly. That bottleneck now often lies with the Security, and Risk and Compliance groups.
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