Udemy – Visual Basic for Excel Microsoft VBA Excel

Udemy – Visual Basic for Excel Microsoft VBA Excel TUTORiAL-SOFTiMAGE
English | Size: 696.27 MB
Category: Tutorial

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Excel Supply Chain Analysis Managing Simulations Using VBA

Linkedin Learning – Excel Supply Chain Analysis Managing Simulations Using VBA-XQZT
English | Size: 139.55 MB
Category: Tutorial

Did you know you can record and run Solver macros, generate random inputs, run multiple simulations, and more, in Excel? [Read more…]

Skillshare – VBA Beginner To Ninja Beginner Series

Skillshare – VBA Beginner To Ninja Beginner Series-ViGOROUS
English | Size: 583.68 MB
Category: Tutorial

VBA Beginner To Ninja teaches you how to become a proficient Visual Basic for Applications ninja programmer. The course is split into three series, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner series focusses on the VBA fundamentals, providing you with the knowledge to be able to begin programming your own VBA macros. As you progress, the Intermediate and Advanced series courses, focus more on specific functionality that you will encounter in the real-world, providing you with all of the tools you will need to be able to tackle even the most complex tasks. [Read more…]

Packt – Excel VBA Programming the Complete Guide

Packt – Excel VBA Programming the Complete Guide-JGTiSO
English | Size: 16.78 GB
Category: Tutorial

Automate tasks and procedures in Excel using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
Utilize objects in the Excel Object Model to emulate user actions in Excel
React dynamically to user events such as entering a cell value or opening a workbook
Get comfortable with the fundamentals of computer programming [Read more…]

Packt – VBA Intermediate Training

Packt – VBA Intermediate Training-JGTiSO
English | Size: 1.08 GB
Category: Tutorial

How to write and implement Excel events, to modify how Excel reacts to different user actions.
Discover how to modify a variety of standard behaviors, such as double-clicking, opening files and saving files through VBA.
Learn how to design and implement specialized classes of objects.
Discover how to customize the right-click menu within cell ranges.
Learn external libraries, and how you can extend VBA’s capabilities beyond standard Excel options.
Learn about where VBA falls within the Excel file structure, and how different Excel file types use VBA differently.
How to modify the Excel user interface, including the “Ribbon” and context menus to interact with your VBA code
Learn custom classes, including introducing you to blank custom classes, and how to use user form classes. [Read more…]

Packt – Essential VBA Training for Excel

Packt – Essential VBA Training for Excel-JGTiSO
English | Size: 739.74 MB
Category: Tutorial

General syntax rules, what keywords are, and how to add comments.
What variables are, and how they relate to functions versus methods and subroutines.
How to specify different variables, including arrays, and how to manage them in code.
How to use intellitext with variables, particularly those that are defined constants.
What functions are, how they are used, and how to stage a scenario to complete.
How functions return values.
How to define inputs for functions.
How to use input boxes and message boxes to interact with the user.
The intricacies surrounding creating an array formula.
How to use the application object to control the user experience.
How to use errors to improve your code.
How to use the name and names object to manage named ranges.
General information about the PivotTable object and basic approaches to utilizing it. [Read more…]