SwiftUI iOS13 Coffee Shop Application, Order Products Online | Packt

SwiftUI iOS13 Coffee Shop Application, Order Products Online | Packt
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Develop iOS apps for dark mode and light mode
Work with Firebase
Install CocoaPods and set up Firebase
Import assets and create a drink object
Create a complete menu in Firebase
In this course, you’ll build a real online coffee ordering application using SwiftUI. This course is for iOS developers who know their way around Xcode and are familiar with Swift, SwiftUI, and application development. You’ll learn how to build an application from the ground up alongside the instructor using all the assets provided. The course explains every line of code and shows you how to write clean and readable code and structure your app development in such a way that even if you get back to your code in a few years, you’ll be able to read and understand it clearly.
Even if you are an experienced iOS developer, you’ll learn something new in this course.
All the codes and supporting files for this course will be available at-
Learn how to write clean and readable code
Build a professional iOS application
Explore SwiftUI

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Apress Building Apps with SwiftUI Custom Views and Common Use Cases

Apress Building Apps with SwiftUI Custom Views and Common Use Cases-RiDWARE
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Create a basic application flow with SwiftUI involving login and a user dashboard interface in this video. Discover the new file structure introduced by SwiftUI and how it uses structs instead of classes for Views. Then learn about common layout elements such as Text, Images, HStack, VStack, ZStack, and NavigationViews. After understanding the structure and elements, dive in to create a login layout and a user authentication backend. Then once you’ve got your user logged in, create a dashboard layout for your users with SwiftUI. Finally learn to troubleshoot and polish up your new interfaces. [Read more…]