S4C – Drych Bywyd Jess Arlein (2022)

S4C – Drych: Bywyd Jess Arlein (2022)
English | Documentary | Size: 563 MB

Instagram influencer Jess rethinks her online life to help young people. [Read more…]

S4C – Drych Lloches (2022)

S4C – Drych: Lloches (2022)
English | Documentary | Size: 855 MB

A chance to hear the stories of some of those who have come to Wales seeking safety. [Read more…]

S4C – Drych Ti, Fi, A’r Fam Fenthyg (2021)

S4C – Drych: Ti, Fi, A’r Fam Fenthyg (2021)
English | Documentary | Size: 806 MB

You, Me and the Surrogate Mother.
We follow Aled Haydn Jones and his partner’s journey to have a baby. [Read more…]

S4C – Drych Fi, Rhyw ac Anabledd (2022)

S4C – Drych: Fi, Rhyw ac Anabledd (2022)
English | Size: 732 MB
Category: Documentary

Rhys Bowler breaks the taboo of sex and disability. [Read more…]

S4C – Drych Y Bermo (2021)

S4C – Drych: Y Bermo (2021)
English | Size: 1.09 GB
Category: Documentary

We take a look at the heartwarming and colourful local community and its people whose high-spirited lives intertwine with each other on the sun-soaked Welsh coast. [Read more…]

S4C – Glannau Cymru o’r Awyr (2021)

S4C – Glannau Cymru o’r Awyr (2021)
English | Size: 2.07 GB
Category: Documentary

Slow TV flight around the Welsh coast with music. [Read more…]