Stone River eLearning – AWS CodePipeline DevOps CI CD Masterclass

Stone River eLearning – AWS CodePipeline DevOps CI CD Masterclass-RiDWARE
English | Size: 155.57 MB
Category: Tutorial

In this course, you’ll learn and practice: Create billing alerts AWS automation developer tools, and AWS SDK toolkit Be able to deploy PHP, JAVA, WP Blog, and other Web applications using Eclipse IDE and AWS Cloud9 Create AWS CloudFormation template, and work with EBS, and CLI Gain solid understanding of DevOps concepts relating to CI/CD pipeline Know AWS CodeStar, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline
repositories, and much more [Read more…]

Technics Publications – Assembly Language Complete Guide

Technics Publications – Assembly Language Complete Guide-RiDWARE
English | Size: 234.95 MB
Category: Tutorial

Master the most foundational programming language, Assembly. Follow along with Assembly expert Muhammad Faheem, as he covers these 16 topics on this powerful low level programming language [Read more…]

Addison Wesley Professional Hands on Kubernetes

Addison Wesley Professional Hands on Kubernetes-RiDWARE
English | Size: 1.39 GB
Category: Tutorial

Hands-on Kubernetes LiveLessons is focused on teaching you real-world skills for configuration and deployment so you can get started with your Kubernetes projects today This course focuses on you actually doing the work. This course provides more than 4 hours of hands-on tutorials in the form of lightboard explanations and demonstrations so you can immediately get started with Kubernetes. Up-front access to all configuration files is provided [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Installing and Running Ruby on Rails 6

Linkedin Learning – Installing and Running Ruby on Rails 6-RiDWARE
English | Size: 216.54 MB
Category: Tutorial

Discover how to install and configure Ruby on Rails 6 on a Windows or Mac computer. This practical course covers everything you need to know to get Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and all of the supporting software up and running. Instructor Kevin Skoglund begins by stepping through how to set up a complete development environment including Ruby, MySQL, and RubyGems on macOS, as well as how to choose a text editor for Ruby on Rails development Kevin then goes over the same process in Windows. To wrap up, he shows how to create configure, and launch a Ruby on Rails project to ensure that your new installation is working properly. Whether you want to dive into the Ruby on Rails courses in our library or get your own project up and running, this course can help you get started [Read more…]

Pearson Certified Kubernetes Application Developer CKAD

Pearson Certified Kubernetes Application Developer CKAD-RiDWARE
English | Size: 3.36 GB
Category: Tutorial

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Complete Video Course provides more than 9 hours of video instruction for IT professionals preparing to take the CKAD exam, which requires an in-depth knowledge of how to develop, create, manage, store, and troubleshoot Kubernetes applications. [Read more…]

Packt – Keras Tips Tricks and Techniques-RiDWARE

Packt – Keras Tips Tricks and Techniques-RiDWARE
English | Size: 3.01 GB
Category: Tutorial

Tips and tricks to improve your skills with Keras
Run deep learning models with Keras and a TensorFlow backend
Use image augmentation to improve training accuracy for your Keras models
Learn how to generate articles with Recurrent Neural Networks in Keras
Use Keras for Natural Language Processing
Deploy Keras models into production
Use the Keras Functional API for deep learning [Read more…]

Packt – Hands on Building Alexa Skills

Packt – Hands on Building Alexa Skills-RiDWARE
English | Size: 513.16 MB
Category: Tutorial

Alexa is the most popular and widely used virtual assistant. Using simple voice commands you can ask Alexa to find and read the news, play music, order a pizza, or control other smart home devices. The most valuable use of these voice-based apps on top of Alexa called Alexa Skills, is for business use. There is a risk that many businesses are not taking advantage of Alexa Skills benefits, and are also wondering how and why they can and should use Alexa Skills to help drive their business growth. This course introduces the core concepts of voice design and how to program your backend using the Alexa Skills Kit [Read more…]

Manning Publications Flutter in Motion

Manning Publications Flutter in Motion-RiDWARE
English | Size: 859.06 MB
Category: Tutorial

Flutter, a ground-breaking cross-platform software development kit created by Google makes it easier than ever to create highly responsive, secure, beautiful native apps for iOS and Android. Flutter embraces modern design patterns, so its applications are loosely coupled and easy to scale. And because Flutter compiles Dart code to platform-specific programs with no need for a JavaScript bridge, it s blindingly fast. Flutter s built in widgets and rich motion APIs make you productive fast, so your Flutter apps are as responsive as they are gorgeous! [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Learning Webflow

Linkedin Learning – Learning Webflow-RiDWARE
English | Size: 367.44 MB
Category: Tutorial

Learn about how to use Webflow, the web-based tool for easily creating responsive websites without coding. Instructor Jen Kramer covers creating a new site with Webflow, adding content and media, customizing the navigation and visual layout, and adding additional pages. She also shares how to publish a site, monitor its performance, and keep it updated with new content [Read more…]

Addison Wesley Professional Developing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform LiveLessons-RiDWARE

Addison Wesley Professional Developing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform LiveLessons-RiDWARE
English | Size: 1.20 GB
Category: Tutorial

This LiveLessons course introduces the philosophy behind IaC and covers how to implement IaC in your own environment using Terraform. Robert Jordan illustrates the critical tools and practices to successfully implement IaC in a collaborative production environment Developers and Ops clientele will learn how to integrate IaC into test and deployment pipelines, how to enforce code review for infrastructure changes, and how to manage infrastructure change. The video combines PowerPoint slides, interactive web demonstrations, and code illustration [Read more…]