PluralSight – Core Python Robust Resource and Error Handling

PluralSight – Core Python Robust Resource and Error Handling-BOOKWARE-KNiSO
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Release Notes: The dominant error handling strategy in Python is the use of exceptions, and exceptions are ubiquitous in the Python language, standard library, and package ecosystem. In this course, Core Python: Robust Resource and Error Handling you ll understand how to work with exceptions in Python. First, you ll be introduced to context managers, Python s facility for safely and automatically managing resources. Next, you’ll see how larger systems often benefit greatly from more sophisticated exception handling strategies. Finally, you’ll discover how to model database transactions. When you’re finished with this course, you ll know how to chain associated exception together, define your own exceptions, and define and deploy context managers [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Azure for Architects Analyze Resource Utilization and Consumption

Linkedin Learning – Azure for Architects Analyze Resource Utilization and Consumption-XQZT
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Category: Tutorial

Explore Microsoft Azure pricing and costs. Instructor Scott Duffy shows how to examine current costs being incurred and how to predict future costs. Learn about viewing listed prices working with the Azure portal, connecting Azure cost management with AWS, and more. The concepts covered in this course can help you prepare for the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam (AZ-300), a required exam for the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification [Read more…]

Cloud Academy – Analyzing Resource Utilization on Azure

Cloud Academy – Analyzing Resource Utilization on Azure-STM
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This course looks into how to capture log data and metrics from Azure services and feed this information into different locations for processing. We take a look at diagnostic logging, which can help to troubleshoot services, and create queries and alerts based on that data. We also look into Azure Adviser, cost consumption reporting, and how we can baseline resources. This is an introduction to these advanced areas of Azure services [Read more…]

Skillmeup Advanced Azure Resource Manager

Skillmeup Advanced Azure Resource Manager-JGTISO
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In this course, you will learn about Microsoft Azure Resource Manager which is the deployment and management service for resources in Azure It is the consistent layer for creating, updating and deleting resources in an Azure Subscription This course will explain the architecture of resource manager and take a deep dive into topics such as resource providers and resources [Read more…]

LINKEDIN LEARNING Diversity: The Best Resource for Achieving Business Goals

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“Diversity and inclusion” has become such a familiar phrase that it’s easy to lose sight of what it means. Workplaces that incorporate a wide range of human experience-across gender, culture, age, sexual preference, and other differences-are more adaptable and more innovative places to work than their more homogeneous competitors. Not surprisingly, they do better on recruitment, retention, productivity-basically any measure of success you can think of. This course explains how to improve your organization’s diversity and inclusion by thoughtfully examining the challenges and opportunities they present. Learn how to support a diverse workforce through wise management, carefully structured conversations, and a culture designed to celebrate the unique value of each team member.
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The cloud is full of options. Efficiently building an application requires Azure developers to understand what choices are available and select the right resources and scale for their project. In this course, instructor Matt Milner takes things back to basics by looking at the core tenants of what’s available on the Microsoft Azure developer buffet. Matt starts by asking (and answering) why there are so many options. He then dives into what’s available in each core pillar of Azure development: Storage, compute, networking, and integration. Upon wrapping up this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to select the best options for your team and determine the cost of the solutions you’re considering. [Read more…]