Linkedin Learning Building Resilience as a Leader

Linkedin Learning Building Resilience as a Leader-QUASAR
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Research tells us that resilience is one of the key attributes of successful leaders. Resilience can help you face challenges navigate obstacles, and thrive in your role. But it can also help you lead your team and your business to bigger and better results
In this course, psychologist and executive coach Gemma Leigh Roberts helps you develop a resilient mindset, a resilient team, and a resilient organization, which can weather risk and change. The tips Gemma offers are approachable and actionable designed for busy leaders who need an extra edge to survive and thrive in challenging times [Read more…]

PACKT Reliability and Resilience on AWS-JGTiSO

PACKT Reliability and Resilience on AWS-JGTiSO
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Deploy EC2 Auto scaling for web server instances.
How to build and maintain EC2 images.
Design Application Load Balancing Services that scale across availability zones.
Design Cloud Watch alarms to automate the autoscaling of web servers to match demand.
Monitor applications and design CloudWatch metrics and alarms for autoscaling
Develop plans to use AWS Auto Scaling to manage EC2 instances, Dynamo DB, and Aurora
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Packtpub – Reliability and Resilience on AWS [Video]

Packtpub – Reliability and Resilience on AWS [Video]
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Cloud services are vulnerable to network and other outages. When your applications are not performing as they should, no one is happy. However, applications can be designed to be resilient and responsive under demand while hosted in the cloud with Cloud hosted applications at AWS.In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare for potentially devastating interruptions by building your own resilient and reliable applications in the public cloud. You’ll explore the steps to properly host and automatically scale applications hosted in the cloud. You’ll also take a look at load-balancing, backed with autoscaling, driven by the CloudWatch monitoring service producing an automated solution methodology.By the end of the course, you will be able to achieve application resiliency, autoscaling, and failover with your applications hosted in the Amazon cloud. [Read more…]