Love Systems – Relationship Management

Love Systems – Relationship Management
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May I start off by saying this is an eye-opening product. Nick Savoy has put so much into this, it’s hard not to go ‘damn, what have i been thinking!’ when you finish watching all 3 discs.

The Relationship Management Set will give you guidelines and help you understand how to better handle the kind of relationship you are in. It covers everything from High-Commitment Traditional Relationships to the commonly asked about "Friends with benefits" situation. I can comment on how useful it was to me in terms of understanding how to balance my life so I can keep my long term girlfriend next to me. Nick provides some key insights in terms of relationship frames, tempo and overall behavior guidelines. [Read more…]

John Gray – Beyond Mars and Venus Relationship Skills for Today’s Complex World

John Gray – Beyond Mars and Venus: Relationship Skills for Today’s Complex World
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Category: Psychology / Body Language

For more than 20 years, John Gray’s Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus has helped couples deepen their intimacy and rejuvenate their love lives. Men and women, it revealed, communicate so differently, we might as well be from different planets. By learning to speak each other’s language, millions of people dramatically improved, even saved their relationships.
But the world has changed. [Read more…]

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