PluralSight – Querying Data Using Map reduce in MongoDB

PluralSight – Querying Data Using Map reduce in MongoDB Bookware-KNiSO
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Working with large volumes of document data for analytics requires the power and flexibility of MongoDB s Map-reduce feature. In this course, Querying Data Using Map-reduce in MongoDB, you ll gain the ability to get yourself fully equipped to confidently apply the Map-reduce pattern to any data set no matter how large it could be. First, you ll discover the requirement for Map-reduce among other aggregation capabilities of MongoDB. Next, you ll explore how to create a custom JavaScript map function and a reduce function that are needed to perform map and reduce operations. Finally, you ll learn how to use these custom functions to perform a Map-reduce operation on a MongoDB data set to aggregate results across documents. When you re finished with this course, you ll have the skills and knowledge of working with the Map-reduce function in MongoDB that will help you leverage the power of MongoDB s aggregation feature for data crunching requirements in your next project [Read more…] – Reduce Redux Boilerplate With Redux Actions – Reduce Redux Boilerplate With Redux Actions-APoLLo
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Redux is a powerful way to manage application state, but that power can come with a lot of code. A single update can sometimes require changes across many files and the code required to define action creators and to handle those actions in your reducer can start to get pretty repetitive. [Read more…] – Master JavaScript Closures Data Structures and Map Reduce – Master JavaScript Closures Data Structures and Map Reduce-iNKiSO
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If you’ve taken an introductory JavaScript course, or you have a little bit of experience with JavaScript or another programming language, this course can take your skills to the next level This course focuses on the tools and techniques you need to understand to be effective and productive working on JavaScript in the real world [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Make The Most Of Azure To Reduce Your Cloud Spend

Pluralsight – Make The Most Of Azure To Reduce Your Cloud Spend-NOLEDGE
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Microsoft Ignite 2019 | Make the Most of Azure to Reduce Your Cloud Spend | Srik Raghavan
Explore how you can obtain the most out of Azure. Experience how Azure reservations, low-priority VMs, incremental snapshots, burstable VMs and ephemeral OS disks can help substantially reduce spending. We’ll also briefly discuss how you can analyze and set budgets to monitor and optimize your costs and usage with Azure Cost Management and Azure Advisor. [Read more…]