Linkedin Learning – Cert Prep Revit for Structural Design Professional-QUASAR

Linkedin Learning – Cert Prep Revit for Structural Design Professional-QUASAR
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Category: Tutorial

Becoming an Autodesk Revit for Structural Design Professional proves you know the program inside and out and it’s a signal to employers and clients that you are a trustworthy professional If you’re looking to add this certification to your professional tool kit, then this course is for you. Join instructor Eric Wing as he goes over specific skills covered by the 35-question exam Brush up on topics such as basic geometry as it pertains to foundations, floors, walls, and framing; working with families; adding dimensions and annotations to drawings; and producing detailed schedules and sheets [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Photoshop 2020 Essential Training Photography

Linkedin Learning – Photoshop 2020 Essential Training Photography-QUASAR
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Category: Tutorial

Whether you re an professional photographer or just someone who wants to improve your image-making skills, this course will enable you to take your images to the next level and get the results that you want using the powerful tools in Photoshop 2020 Julieanne Kost brings you up to speed with Photoshop and shows you how to take advantage of Smart Objects and Smart Filters when combining multiple exposures together to create composites panoramas, double exposure effects, and more. Along the way, she shares how to increase productivity when working with templates enhance color and tone both globally and locally, retouch distracting elements from images, quickly add type with layer effects, use libraries to store content, work with Artboards
export and publish images, and more [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Graphic Facilitation for Productive Team Meetings

Linkedin – Learning Graphic Facilitation for Productive Team Meetings-QUASAR
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Category: Tutorial

Explore how to use graphic facilitation to make your team meetings more engaging, memorable, and effective. Graphic facilitators use large, hand-drawn graphics created in real time to help teams see conversations unfold visually, fostering understanding, productivity, and engagement. Instructor Nevada Lane introduces the building blocks of visual thinking, shares how to combine those blocks to create a compelling record of a conversation, and offers visual templates to get you started. Learn how to listen for key words and phrases while creating simple yet meaningful graphics during a meeting. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Python for Data Science Essential Training Part 1

Linkedin – Learning Python for Data Science Essential Training Part 1-QUASAR
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Category: CBTs

Python for Data Science Essential Training is one of the most popular data science courses at LinkedIn Learning. It has now been updated and expanded to two parts-for even more hands-on experience with Python. In this course, instructor Lillian Pierson takes you step by step through a practical data science project: a web scraper that downloads and analyzes data from the web. Along the way, she introduces techniques to clean, reformat, transform, and describe raw data; generate visualizations; remove outliers; perform simple data analysis; and generate interactive graphs using the Plotly library. You should walk away from this training with basic coding experience that you can take to your organization and quickly apply to your own custom data science projects. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Improving the Value of Your Time

Linkedin – Learning Improving the Value of Your Time-QUASAR
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Category: Tutorial

Improving the Value of Your Time with Dave Crenshaw
Join productive leadership author and speaker Dave Crenshaw as he shows you the key to enhancing your productivity-focusing on your most valuable activities and minimizing the distractions that waste your time. This course shows you how to determine how to increase your worth per hour while minimizing and offloading distractions. Create a plan to mind your time and effort and help coworkers and employees discover their most valuable activities, which can result in a career and productivity boost. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Leadership Foundations

Linkedin – Learning Leadership Foundations-QUASAR
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Category: Tutorial

Leadership the art of influencing and developing others to achieve their highest potential is often identified as the most critical role in an organization. But what is effective leadership and how do you cultivate it? In this course leadership consultant and global workforce expert Dr. Shirley Davis covers the basics of leading yourself and others. Along the way, she identifies the critical competencies and best practices for effectively leading today and in the future
Learn how to lead across differences and cultivate a more inclusive workplace; establish trust; build relationships up down, and across the organization; lead change through agility and resilience; have difficult conversations; and more [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Onboarding New Hires as a Manager

Linkedin – Learning Onboarding New Hires as a Manager-QUASAR
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Category: Tutorial

Explore the work you need to do as a manager before a newmmemployee’s first day, and find out about ways to make their first 90 days and beyond a successful experience for everyone Discover the value of tasking another employee to act as a guide for your new employee, and find out about the role of human resources in the onboarding process. Instructor Todd Dewett shares insights about onboarding that can help you make your new hires feel welcome, informed, and ready to contribute [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Running a Design Business Writing and Pricing Winning Proposals

Linkedin – Learning Running a Design Business Writing and Pricing Winning Proposals-QUASAR
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Category: Tutorial

The process of writing estimates and proposals can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if it doesn t result in new business. In this course, professional business consultant Emily Cohen shows you how to write and price winning proposals from vetting prospective clients to setting pricing and more. The heart of the course is learning to obtain the information you need to choose the right pricing structure, then following a strategy to create your winning proposal. Learn proposal writing and pricing principles from Emily, as well as how to avoid common mistakes. Whether you re a solopreneur or running a design firm this course shows you ways to create proposals with pricing that reflects your value and wins more engagements [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Web Security User Authentication and Access Control-QUASAR

Linkedin – Learning Web Security User Authentication and Access Control-QUASAR
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Category: Tutorial

User authentication plays a central role in almost everything we do online. From apps to hardware and websites, user accounts and logins are everywhere. Authentication is critical for verifying a user’s identity online and for confirming permissions so individuals can perform privileged actions. In this course instructor Kevin Skoglund teaches you how authentication works how to implement it correctly when building web applications walks you through some of the most common attacks, and shows you how to protect your site. He also demonstrates how to secure your own passwords and digital identity so you can work securely. This course is ideal for all developers, particularly those who are interested in authentication and security [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Video Interview Tips-QUASAR

Linkedin – Learning Video Interview Tips-QUASAR
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Category: Tutorial

Video interviews are an important part of today’s recruiting process. Love them or hate them, they’re not going away. This course teaches job seekers like you how to ace your next video interview. Learn why companies use video interviews and the difference between one-way and interactive video interviews Instructor Jenny Foss of the popular career site also shows how to set up your environment and leverage the technology to put your best foot forward. Plus, find out how to practice for a video interview before the big day, so you’re comfortable and confident in front of the camera [Read more…]