Linkedin Learning Apache PySpark by Example

Linkedin Learning Apache PySpark by Example
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Category: CBTs

Want to get up and running with Apache Spark as soon as possible? If you’re well versed in Python, the Spark Python API (PySpark) is your ticket to accessing the power of this hugely popular big data platform. This practical, hands-on course helps you get comfortable with PySpark, explaining what it has to offer and how it can enhance your data
science work. To begin, instructor Jonathan Fernandes digs into the Spark ecosystem detailing its advantages over other data science platforms, APIs, and tool sets. Next, he looks at the DataFrame API and how it’s the platform’s answer to many big data challenges Finally, he goes over Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs), the building blocks of Spark [Read more…]

Packt Hands-On PySpark for Big Data Analysis

Packt Hands-On PySpark for Big Data Analysis
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Category: Tutorial

Data is an incredible asset, especially when there are lots of it. Exploratory data analysis, business intelligence, and machine learning all depend on processing and analyzing Big Data at scale.

How do you go from working on prototypes on your local machine, to handling messy data in production and at scale?

This is a practical, hands-on course that shows you how to use Spark and it’s Python API to create performant analytics with large-scale data. Don’t reinvent the wheel, and wow your clients by building robust and responsible applications on Big Data. [Read more…]

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