Cloud Academy – DevOps Playbook – CI/CD Tools and Services

Cloud Academy – DevOps Playbook – CI/CD Tools and Services
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Category: Tutorial

Successful DevOps implementation requires cohesive collaboration and an understanding of the tools, best practices, and processes required to build and deliver software and services at scale. [Read more…]

PluralSight – PowerShell DevOps Playbook

PluralSight – PowerShell DevOps Playbook-REBAR
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Category: Tutorial

PowerShell is a ubiquitous scripting and development language that can be applied across a wide swath of use-cases; DevOps is a great example. Through support for many software tools like configuration management, infrastructure provisioning and all of the clouds, PowerShell has become a staple for many system administrators, cloud and IT professionals and DevOps engineers. [Read more…]

PluralSight – PowerShell Playbook Automating Active Directory

PluralSight – PowerShell Playbook Automating Active Directory-REBAR
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Category: Tutorial

At the core of automated management of Active Directory is a thorough knowledge of PowerShell. In this course, PowerShell Playbook: Automating Active Directory, you’ll learn how to automate Active Directory management. First, you’ll learn how to manage the user lifecycle. Next, you’ll explore how to maintain and preemptively automate. Finally, you’ll discover how to share all that work with the rest of your team. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of PowerShell and Active Directory that will help you as you move forward to automate Active Directory management. [Read more…]

PluralSight – Importing Common Data File Formats R Playbook

PluralSight – Importing Common Data File Formats R Playbook-JGTiSO
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Category: Tutorial

To effectively analyze and manipulate data, it is important to have the ability to access data stored in various formats. In this course, Importing Common Data File Formats: R Playbook, you will gain the ability to import data from various sources into R. First, you will learn how to import data from CSV and delimited text files. Next, you will discover how to import and format data from Microsoft Excel. Then, you will explore how to import data from specialized statistical applications, including SAS, Stata and Minitab. Finally, you’ll learn about the ability to create, save, and reuse objects in R itself. When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge of base R functions and various packages to easily work with data from a variety of sources [Read more…]

Cloud Academy – Devops Playbook Part 1

Cloud Academy – Devops Playbook Part 1-STM
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Category: Tutorial

In this course we introduce you to the DevOps Playbook Part 1 The DevOps Playbook Part 1 course begins with Book 1, a brief introduction to DevOps and how in recent times it has become the defacto approach to developing and operating applications. We then introduce you to Books 2 through to 7, covering the topics, CALMS, Collaboration, Automation Version Control, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Testing, where each book documents a required DevOps competency, one in which you ll need to adopt and establish skills in to be effective in DevOps [Read more…]

PluralSight – T SQL Data Manipulation Playbook

PluralSight – T SQL Data Manipulation Playbook-BOOKWARE-KNiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Release Notes: In this course, T-SQL Data Manipulation Playbook, you ll learn foundational knowledge required to add records, modify data and remove records in your SQL Server database. First you ll learn how to add data using the INSERT statement Next, you ll discover how to modify data using UPDATE, and how to remove data using the DELETE statement. Moving on you ll explore how to maintain database integrity with transactions. Finally, you’ll examine some more advanced T-SQL statements that are not that common, but can help you with your daily work. When you re finished with this course you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the T-SQL Data Manipulation Language needed to insert, update, and delete data in Microsoft SQL Server [Read more…]