Udemy – Online Copywriting – How to Write Persuasive Product Pages

Udemy – Online Copywriting- How to Write Persuasive Product Pages
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You face three challenges when selling products online:
1. The sales process starts long before buyers land on your product page
2. Potential customers can’t handle your product
3. Potential customers can’t talk to a salesperson (the way they do in a store) before they buy

To meet these three challenges, you need to start selling on Google. You need to write copy on your product pages knowing that this copy will show up in search results. You need to write product descriptions that work with product images, and choose product images that work with your copy. And you need to anticipate the most common (and pressing) objections and questions that your potential buyers have, and meet these head-on in your copy.
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Creating websites with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Creating websites with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
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The most visited websites in the world use AMP in one way or another. Clients and employers are adamant to get their sites first place in Google. Learning how to code with AMP will make you more employable, get your more clients and raise your customer’s satisfaction levels.

Imagine being the only person in a web design studio who knows AMP! Imagine getting your client’s website on the first page in Google by redesigning it using this course! [Read more…]

Lynda – Pages Essential Training

Lynda - Pages Essential Training

Title: Lynda – Pages Essential Training
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