PluralSight – Analyzing Malware for NET and Java Binaries

PluralSight – Analyzing Malware for NET and Java Binaries-iNKiSO
English | Size: 278.26 MB
Category: Tutorial

The ability to quickly and effectively analyse a wide variety of malware is a critical skill for anyone performing incident response, working in a security operations center (SOC), or analyzing malware. In this course, Analyzing Malware for .NET and Java Binaries, you will gain the skills necessary to effectively analyze Java and .NET malware. First, you will learn how .NET and Java binaries differ from other malware. Next, you will learn the tools, techniques, and workflows necessary to reverse engineer these types of binaries. Finally, you will apply everything you learned through hands-on labs in which you will analyze real-world malware. When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze .NET and Java binaries, giving you the ability to effectively investigate a wider variety of malware [Read more…]

University of Cincinnati – Malware Analysis part II – 2020

University of Cincinnati – Malware Analysis part II – 2020
English | Size: 0.98 GB
Category: Ethical hacking

PART II – PLUS – It has been released in January 2020. It also covers GHIDRA tool.
[Read more…]

University of Cincinnati – Malware training

University of Cincinnati – Malware training
English | Size: 5.76 GB
Category: Tutorial

1 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH01_-_Introdutction.mp4
2 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH02_-_ VirtualBox Lab Setup and Crash Course.mp4
3 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH03_-_Container_Module_of_Data_Files.mp4
4 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH04_-_Attack_Introduction.mp4
5 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH05_-_Malware_Taxonomy_and_Terminology.mp4
6 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH06_-_ Malware_Research_Online.mp4
7 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH07_-_Static_Analysis_Introduction.mp4
8 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH08_-_Applying_Static_Analysis.mp4
9 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH09_-_Static_Analyzers.mp4
10 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH10_-_Assembly_Crash_Course.mp4
11 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH11_-_Assembly_Deeper_Dive_x86_32_64.mp4
12 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH12_-_Static_Code_Analysis_and_Yara.mp4
13 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH13_-_Numeric_Data_Encoding_Endianness_and_Layout_in_Memory.mp4
14 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH14_-_Analyzing_PDF_Documents.mp4
15 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH15_-_Analysis_of_Complex_Data_Structures.mp4
16 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH16_-_Analysis_of_Microsoft_Office_Data.mp4
17 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH17_-_PDF_Malware_Carrier_Documents.mp4
18 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH18_-Dynamic_Analysis_and_Run-Time_Debugging.mp4
19 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH19_-_Immunity_Debugger.mp4
20 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH20_-_Immunity_Debugger_for_Backdoors_and_Sensitive_Data.mp4
21 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH21_-_Malicious_PDF.mp4
22 University_of_Cincinnati_-_Malware_Analysis_CH22_-_Tools_and_Tricks.mp4

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Skillshare – Android Reversing And Malware Analysis

Skillshare – Android Reversing And Malware Analysis
English | Size: 747.37 MB
Category: Tutorial

Lets take one malicious app & try to reverse engineer it. Please submit the modules name you have identified during the reverse engineer process. [Read more…]

Udemy – Malware backdoor and Buffer Overflow Penetration Testing

Udemy – Malware backdoor and Buffer Overflow Penetration Testing
English | Size: 1.03 GB
Category: Programming | E-learning | HACKING | others

What you’ll learn
Learn How to use the immunity debugger for system Application debugging
Understand how the CPU use the registers with the Stack
Learn & Understand how the buffer overflow occurs
Learn how to Use a debugger to examine the crash
Learn Shellcode & how to generate using MSFVenom [Read more…]

Practical Malware Analysis The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software

Practical Malware Analysis: The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software
English | Size: 119.48 MB
Category: Tutorial

Malware analysis is big business, and attacks can cost a company dearly. When malware breaches your defenses, you need to act quickly to cure current infections and prevent future ones from occurring. [Read more…]