Linux Academy – Elasticsearch Deep Dive

Linux Academy – Elasticsearch Deep Dive
English | Size: 1.61 GB
Category: Tutorial

Follow right on the heels of the Elastic Stack Essentials course with the Elasticsearch Deep Dive. Get to understand and go hands-on with the core functionality of Elasticsearch (installing, indexing, querying). Next, learn how to configure it for production use with TLS encryption, user access control, monitoring, and alerting with X-Pack and automated management with Elasticsearch Curator. Get to understand best practices around heap and cluster sizing, hardware requirements, and performing live upgrades. [Read more…]

Linux Academy – Designing High Availability Fault Tolerance and DR with AWS Services

Linux Academy – Designing High Availability Fault Tolerance and DR with AWS Services-APoLLo
English | Size: 1.41 GB
Category: Tutorial

AWS is one of the fastest-growing cloud service platforms offered today. It is used worldwide by millions of users! Whether you’re an experienced AWS user or just starting out, there’s always more to learn. Check out our newest AWS hands-on training content below! [Read more…]

Linux Academy – Scenario Based LXDLXC Security

Linux Academy – Scenario Based LXD/LXC Security-APoLLo
English | Size: 1.18 GB
Category: Tutorial

The LXC/LXD Deep Dive aims to provide learners with a practical knowledge of Linux containers and the Linux container daemon, considering both what we’ll need to succeed when using LXD in our day-to-day life, and taking it to a more advanced level for those harder-to-complete tasks. [Read more…]

Linux Academy – DevSecOps Essentials

Linux Academy – DevSecOps Essentials-APoLLo
English | Size: 1.79 GB
Category: Tutorial

This course covers the DevSecOps process with an emphasis on securing both legacy and hybrid cloud environments. Best practices for security are covered in a conventional Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. [Read more…]

Linux Academy – Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK)

Linux Academy – Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK-BiFiSO
English | Size:

This course is designed to cover the topics and concepts that you will need to know in order to earn your Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) certification. CCDAK covers Confluent and Apache Kafka with a particular focus on knowledge of the platform needed in order to develop applications that work with Kafka. This includes general knowledge of Kafka features and architecture, designing, monitoring, and troubleshooting in the context of Kafka, and development of custom applications that use Kafka’s APIs. This course is intended to guide you through the primary topics and supporting material that you will need to be familiar with in order to succeed in earning your CCDAK certification. [Read more…]

Linux Academy – DNS and BIND Deep Dive

Linux Academy – DNS and BIND Deep Dive-APoLLo
English | Size: 619.99 MB
Category: Tutorial

Welcome to DNS and BIND Deep Dive. This course is intended for students who have a basic understanding of the Linux operating system and are comfortable with basic sysadmin tasks such as moving around the file system structure, basic command line utilities, and installing packages. Students should also have some basic configuration skills. In this course, we will work with many BIND configurations such as creating a caching name server, configuring zones and domains, and BIND server security. [Read more…]