Linkedin Learning – Fusion 360 Designing for Plastics

Linkedin Learning – Fusion 360 Designing for Plastics-ZH
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Category: 3D

Plastic has unique properties not shared by other materials, and injection molding has a number of constraints that must be accommodated in the design process. These constraints are different from other manufacturing techniques like 3D printing and subtractive manufacturing. As a result, if you’re designing something that will eventually be created in plastic, considering the complexities of manufacturing in your design process is critical. You’ll need to learn how to do things a bit differently than you would for other materials and processes. In this course, learn how to design for injection molding even when using additive manufacturing to create a prototype in plastic using Fusion 360. Instructor Thom Tremblay explains how to create a form, complete and visualize your design, set it up for 3D printing, all while designing a ready-to-manufacture part. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Jonah Berger on Viral Marketing

Linkedin Learning – Jonah Berger on Viral Marketing-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Why do some ideas spread while others fade away? Jonah Berger PhD, professor of marketing at the Wharton School and author of the best-selling book Contagious: Why Things Catch On reveals the secrets behind the science of social transmission. Discover what leads people to share content online
and off, including social currency, triggers, emotion, public use practical value, and storytelling. Learn what separates the best brands and stories from the rest in this example-rich course [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel

Linkedin Learning – Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel-ZH
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YouTube is where video and video creators thrive. By creating a YouTube channel, you can build a highly visible online brand and share content with the world. This course explains how to set up a brand-new YouTube channel, build your subscriber base, and convert clicks into action. Throughout the course instructor Rich Harrington shares essential strategies for building an audience and maximizing engagement. Rich explains how to design compelling artwork, choose engaging thumbnails, and use YouTube cards and captions. He also dives into building a YouTube community, managing your channel in Creator Studio, live streaming, and more. Start watching and learn everything you need to build a YouTube channel into a successful [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Better Wrist and Elbow Health

Linkedin Learning – Better Wrist and Elbow Health-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Join Dr. Baxter Bell as he introduces you to this series on wrist and elbow health. Conditions like tennis elbow and carpal tunnel can be a result of repetitive and long-term mouse and keyboard use. These exercises help prevent the common pains that plague people who work at desks and computers. Baxter shares a simple antidote for tired, tight wrists and hands, as he guides you through a series of exercises to open up the upper back shoulders, and arms. Follow along and unlock the potential to feel more open and pliable. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Difficult Situations Solutions for Managers

Linkedin Learning – Difficult Situations Solutions for Managers-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Managing someone else is a privilege and a responsibility; you can’t be a passive bystander-you must be willing to engage and be ready to solve difficult problems. This course offers simple and effective actions to take when challenging situations arise. Dr. Todd Dewett and leadership expert Sara Canaday offer short and valuable advice to improve rapport with your teams, build stronger relationships, and drive business forward. Learn how to manage an employee who publicly disagrees with one of your decisions, deal with your high performers when you don’t always have the opportunities they want, keep track of virtual teams, tell your boss you’re overwhelmed without appearing incompetent, and more. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – UX Deep Dive Usability Testing

Linkedin Learning – UX Deep Dive Usability Testing-XCODE
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Take a deep dive into usability testing techniques and methodologies for user experience (UX) design projects with research expert Amanda Stockwell. In this course, you can learn which types of tests-remote or in person, moderated or unmoderated, task-based or unstructured-to use for specific types of projects and users. Amanda also shares tips on conducting usability tests, from recruiting participants to moderating sessions. Plus, learn how to analyze and present the results of your testing to the rest of your organization. [Read more…]