Linkedin Learning – Advanced Google Analytics UPDATED

Linkedin Learning – Advanced Google Analytics UPDATED 2020/12/09-LiBRO
English | Size: 233.94 MB
Category: Tutorial

Unlock the advanced capabilities of Google Analytics and take your skills to the next level. This course takes an in-depth look at Google Analytics, teaching advanced techniques that can help you use this popular and powerful analytics tool to glean better insights. Discover how to create and manage filters, create custom channel groupings, and interact with segments. Plus, find out how to create custom calculated metrics; debug your analytics setup; and more [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – SharePoint Online Essential Training The Basics UPDATED

Linkedin Learning – SharePoint Online Essential Training The Basics UPDATED 2020/12/18-LiBRO
English | Size: 320.44 MB
Category: Tutorial

SharePoint Online is a powerful collaboration platform that leverages the power of the cloud With one tool, you can create, save, share, and sync documents in real time. Learn how to best use SharePoint Online for business collaboration and document management in this training course with Gini von Courter. Gini takes you on a tour of the interface, including SharePoint sites She shows how to create, edit, and save documents; work with libraries and list apps; and integrate SharePoint with other Microsoft 365 apps. Plus, learn how to take SharePoint on the go with SharePoint Online on your mobile device [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Code Challenges Javascript

Linkedin Learning – Code Challenges Javascript-QUiD
English | Size: 300.74 MB
Category: Tutorial

Want to put your JavaScript skills to the test? Welcome to JavaScript Code Challenges! Join instructor Emma Bostian as she serves up over a dozen JavaScript tasks and walks through the solutions for each. Emma frames each challenge using real-world examples, like setting up a ticking clock in a document, filtering vegetarian dinner options from a menu, and calculating the bill from a trip to a coffee shop. Each challenge is self-contained, so you can watch them in any order, and most solutions are less than two dozen lines of code, so you can quickly learn what you need and move on to the next lesson. Whether you want to learn new ways to use JavaScript or test your existing knowledge, this course can help you sharpen your skills [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – R For Data Science Lunchbreak Lessons Weekly UPDATED

Linkedin Learning – R For Data Science Lunchbreak Lessons Weekly UPDATED 2020/12/18-QUiD
English | Size: 1.46 GB
Category: Tutorial

Programming is learned in small bits. You build on basic concepts. You transfer the knowledge you already have to the next language. Lunch Break Lessons teaches R one of the most popular programming languages for data analysis and reporting in short lessons that expand on what existing programmers already know [Read more…]

Linkedin – PowerShell 7 Essential Training

Linkedin – PowerShell 7 Essential Training
English | Size: 661.28 MB
Category: Tutorial

PowerShell is a great tool for managing core infrastructure, general server and client administration, specific Windows services, and even elements of Azure. Jump-start your career and your IT environment by learning to use the latest version, PowerShell 7. Instructor Liam Cleary shows you how to ensure you’re using the administrator option in PowerShell, how to modify the PowerShell console, and how to choose a development environment. He introduces new features in PowerShell 7 and walks you through how to use PowerShell modules. Liam explains how to choose and execute commands, how to use variables, and how to create and manage objects. He steps you through how to enable the execution of scripts, how to create a reusable script, and how to create parameters. Liam covers different commands to use and how to execute them, then goes into when to use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and how to import it. In conclusion, he discusses when to use remoting and the implications of doing so. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Microsoft Forms Essential Training UPDATED

Linkedin Learning – Microsoft Forms Essential Training UPDATED 20/12/17-LiBRO
English | Size: 162.74 MB
Category: Tutorial

Learn how to create surveys and quizzes quickly and easily with Microsoft Forms, which comes bundled in the Office 365 suite Curt Frye begins by showing how to create a basic survey, including how to add different question types multiple choice open-ended text, rating, and more add ranking options, and allow for file uploads. Next, Curt steps through creating quizzes including adding quiz questions, assigning point values to questions, and adjusting quiz options. Once you’ve learned to create a basic survey or quiz, you can learn how to edit forms, share them with other users, adjust themes, and preview how your form will look on different platforms. Finally, Curt shows how to view and analyze your results [Read more…]