[TalkPython] Write Pythonic Code Like a Seasoned Developer

[TalkPython] Write Pythonic Code Like a Seasoned Developer
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ourse Summary
This course will take you on a tour of over 50 of the more popular and useful code examples demonstrating Pythonic code. In the examples, you’ll first see non-Pythonic code and then the more natural Pythonic version.
One of the special concepts in Python is the idea of writing idiomatic code that is most aligned with the language features and ideals. In Python, we call this idiomatic code Pythonic. While this idea is easy to understand, it turns out to be fairly hard to make concrete. [Read more…]

Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Level 3

[BS] Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Level 3
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Most Spanish courses teach archaic and outdated Spanish. With the Learning Spanish Like Crazy system, you will learn how to speak authentic Latin American Spanish. Spanish that you can use when traveling to Spanish speaking countries as well as when speaking to Spanish-speaking friends, in-laws, co-workers, etc.

Fun and Interactive Method
With emphasis on everyday, conversational Spanish
Learning-Spanish webinars with a native Spanish-speaking professor
Guaranteed results [Read more…]

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