Linux Academy – Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

Linux Academy – Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners
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Linkedin Learning – Scaling Out Using Azure SignalR Service

Linkedin Learning – Scaling Out Using Azure SignalR Service-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Every modern application has some sort of real-time-communication need. With the rise of microservices and serverless, many developers find themselves working with applications that run on multiple servers. Azure SignalR Service can help you scale these applications by allowing users to connect to a central location and enabling other services to send messages to users quickly without worrying about hosting, scalability, and load balancing. Curious about how to use Azure SignalR Service to build real-time applications in the cloud? This course covers what you need to know to get up and running. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Java Microservices with GraalVM

Linkedin Learning – Java Microservices with GraalVM-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Traditional JVMs often fail to deliver the speed and efficiency necessary to run today’s cloud-based Java applications. GraalVM is a virtual machine that aims to improve performance using strategies such as precompilation and native image creation. Learn how GraalVM can improve your modern Java microservice implementations with examples shown using the Micronaut, Helidon, Quarkus, and Spring frameworks. Instructor Frank Moley first demonstrates how to use GraalVM with existing code artifacts, so you can see the performance benefits on raw code. He then shows how to build a basic microservice in each of the four frameworks-as well as a native image of each service-and reviews the performance and image size metrics of the final microservices. Using these practical examples, you can evaluate which combination will benefit your Java projects the most. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Learning Jira Server Edition

Linkedin Learning – Learning Jira Server Edition-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

Jira is a tool for issue tracking and project management Already the industry standard for software development, Jira is quickly being adopted by many other teams like marketing, legal IT, and finance. By learning Jira, you can easily manage your own daily tasks, help your organization plan strategic initiatives, and keep track of progress with the easy-to-use, real-time reporting tools. This course teaches you everything you need to get started with the server edition of Jira. Instructor Rachel Wright introduces you to the software and explains some of the differences between the versions and types of Jira. Then you can learn how to navigate the dashboard, view your project list, and drill down for details. Next, see how to create and edit issues, estimate the time and effort needed to complete them, and search for issues. Rachel also shows how to generate useful reports by customizing filters, dashboards, and boards, and adjust preferences so that Jira works best for you [Read more…]

Cloud Academy – Introduction to Machine Learning Part Two

Cloud Academy – Introduction to Machine Learning Part Two-STM
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Category: Tutorial

Welcome ?to Part Two of an introduction to using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As we mentioned in part one, this course starts at the ground up and focuses on giving students the tools and materials they need to navigate the topic. There are several labs directly tied to this learning path, which will provide hands on experience to supplement the academic knowledge provided in the lectures [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Advanced CSS Media Queries-ZH

Linkedin Learning – Advanced CSS Media Queries-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

While most web developers have encountered media queries as part of their work on responsive layouts, media queries offer many more options than just the size of the viewport. In this course instructor Jen Kramer explores some of the latest and greatest media query options available to Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Learn how to test for different styles of interaction, determine how devices are held, figure out what resolution they have, and combine these options to build better sites and apps. Jen also covers complex media queries using and not, and comma-separated conditions. Plus, she shows you how to keep these choices from breaking your projects in older [Read more…]