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Welcome to our introductory course to using JSON JavaScript object notation

Learn to use AJAX to connect and bring JSON data into your JavaScript!

it’s a lightweight data interchange format that is quickly becoming the default format for data exchange on internet today!

JSON is extremely popular in web applications because it’s lightweight, designed to be language of independent and easy to read and write transfer data easily between server and client.
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DNS – Learn to use bind and dig to setup and manage domains

DNS – Learn to use bind and dig to setup and manage domains
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In this course You will learn anything about DNS – Domain Name System. Topic include:

The different components of DNS and how they cooperate.
How the domain hierarchy is structured in different levels.
What different types of information is stored in DNS.
How a DNS query and response works.
How the information is stored in zone files.
Recursive queries, the role of a local resolver.
How to use the tool dig for testing and troubleshooting DNS in various ways..
We will start with the basics and build ourself up to advanced sections. Starting with the domain hierarchy, how the protocol works and continue into dig, zone transfers and best practices for DNS setup with bind.
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