Linkedin – Learning CSS Layouts From Float to Flexbox and Grid

Linkedin – Learning CSS Layouts From Float to Flexbox and Grid-ZH
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For decades, CSS developers fiddled with floats to create flexible layouts that worked across browsers. But their brilliant hack had a lot of downsides. The latest generation of CSS specs offers a better and vastly more intuitive set of tools, but moving from floats to Grid, Flexbox, or both means adjusting how you think. In this course, Christina Truong guides you though this process, from initial concepts to complete conversion highlighting the different ways to create page layouts with modern CSS. Explore how to work with the display and float properties; use relative, absolute, and fixed positioning for laying out components; create basic Grid and Flexbox layouts; and [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Visual Composition and Layouts

Pluralsight – Visual Composition and Layouts-BOOKWARE-KNiSO
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Release Notes: Designers of all types; web, print and ux struggle with layout and composition at some point. By gaining a greater understanding of underlying principles of layout and composition, designers can create consistency, organization and visual interest across many different formats. For decades, classically trained designers have put to use sets of guidelines to bring consistency and visual interest to their work. It helps take some of the uncertainty out of a new project or can help maintain a complete design system for larger, ongoing projects with many moving parts. In this course, I ll go over helpful design concepts to improve visual consistency and vernacular when it comes to
composition and layout [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Web Layouts with Flexbox and Bootstrap 4

Pluralsight – Web Layouts with Flexbox and Bootstrap 4-XQZT
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Using rows and columns can work for most webpages, but you are typically restricted to working with twelve columns, especially in Bootstrap. In this course, Web Layouts with Flexbox and Bootstrap 4, you will gain the ability to create custom web page layouts without having to define columns or stick within the column layouts. First, you will learn how to get started with defining flex containers and the different types of containers. Next, you will discover how to combine vertical and horizontal flex containers to create complex layouts. Then you will learn how to add additional classes to refine your website. Finally you will explore how to create a custom game layout using nothing but Flexbox layouts. When you re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of using Flexboxes to create custom web page layouts without a lot of CSS, which will help you become a more efferent web designer working on large scale web pages [Read more…]

PluralSight – Android Fundamentals Layouts

PluralSight – Android Fundamentals Layouts-ViGOROUS
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A layout defines the structure for a user interface in your app, such as in an Activity and plays a major role in providing a user experience. In this course, Android Fundamentals: Layouts, you will learn the fundamentals of designing layouts in Android. First, you will learn using most commonly used layouts in Android such as LinearLayout, FrameLayout, and RelativeLayout. Next, you will discover using modern layouts in Android such as CoordinatorLayout, and ConstraintLayout. Finally, you will explore how to improve your layout performance using tools such as Layout Inspector and optimize layouts using special XML elements. When you are finished with this course, you will have skills and knowledge of Android layouts needed to build a robust user interface. [Read more…]