Krenz cushart Perspective course

Krenz cushart Perspective course
English | Size: 17.1GB
Category: Tutorial

A whole perspective course by krenz cushart, it is in korean with no subtitles but his drawings and the method in his videos can be understood without understanding what hes talking about. [Read more…]

Krenz Cushart Lecture-My work ‘Castle’ steps

Krenz Cushart: Lecture-My work ‘Castle’ steps
English | Size: 981.4MB
Category: Tutorial

Wow, it certainly has been a while since last our tutorial!
Unlike all our previous videos, this time we have a whopping 3-hours long recorded lecture of Krenz’s environmental art class!
This tutorial contains the full process of painting Krenz’s new piece from beginning to end, including compositional theories used throughout. [Read more…]

Krenz Cushart 2-part Onmyoji commission steps lectures

Krenz Cushart: 2-part Onmyoji commission steps lectures
English | Size: 1.5GB
Category: Tutorial

Part 1 goes in-depth with Krenz’s thought process, layout, color composition, as well as showing his various attempt at drafting the same piece.
Krenz provides a step by step explanation of his choice of colors and which type of lights were chosen.

Part 2 wraps up the process with detailing the Onmyouji mobile game’s official art. We talk about the color ratio, brightness ratio, the organization of shapes and composition planning of this piece. [Read more…]

Krenz Cushart: 3-part Video Lectures

Krenz Cushart: 3-part Video Lectures
English | Size: 1.2GB
Category: Tutorial

These videos are recorded lectures in Shanghai that were released on the internet. Many people asked for a subtitled version of this so I asked my friend (the writer of this) to translate and subtitled it.

Part 1 is an one hour long video fully subtitled and divided into perspective, proportion, and structure.
Part 2 continues the concepts of part 1 and talks about shapes and design as well as FAQs with the students.
Part 3 is a full coloring tutorial from beginning to end on how Krenz tackles illustrations from start to finish. [Read more…]