Kevin Hogan The Science of Influence Series 1-48

Kevin Hogan The Science of Influence Series 1-48
English | Size: 4.79 GB
Category: Tutorial

Volumes 1-36
Strategies and Syntax of Persuasion (1-12)
Mind Control(13-24)
Overcoming Resistance to Persuasion (25-36)
Sophisticated Persuasion (37-48) — Only have the m4b version (lost mp3s).
I don’t have volumes 49-60 [Read more…]

Kevin Hogan – The Millionaire Mind

Kevin Hogan – The Millionaire Mind
English | Size: 1.308 GB
Category: Everything Else

Discover counter intentions and how to change them to parallel systems of achievement. Less than 4% of people are been equipped to deal with all six of the psychological paradoxes that cause people to failin growing wealth. The reason is simple. Most of these paradoxes are "new." For the most part, they didn’t exist when you were a child. They do now. The roots of some of these paradoxes lie within the evolution of how you "experience work," how you have built the beliefs about your life and your work and how deeply your programming about change has been ingrained into the depths of your mind. Now you will discover how to defeat all six paradoxes that are operating in your mind and finally move forward on your quest to accumulate wealth. [Read more…]