BBC – Peter Taylor My Journey Through the Troubles (2019) 720p HDTV

BBC – Peter Taylor: My Journey Through the Troubles (2019) 720p HDTV
English | Size: 1.29 GB
Category: Documentary

In a uniquely personal journey on the 50th anniversary of the deployment of British troops in August 1969, reporter Peter Taylor reflects on almost a half century of covering the Northern Ireland conflict.
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PBS – Mustang Journey of Transformation (2009) 1080p HDTV

PBS – Mustang: Journey of Transformation (2009) 1080p HDTV
English | Size: 947 MB
Category: Documentary

Mustang: Journey of Transformation
The Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang is one of the last sanctuaries of authentic Tibetan Buddhist culture. Long isolated by geography and politics, the people have struggled to survive, and the 15th-century monasteries that are the center of their culture have come dangerously close to collapsing. [Read more…]

PLURALSIGHT Droidcon Boston ’19: Test the Untested: Our Journey from Zero Coverage to Automated Testing

English | Size: 207.67 MB
Category: Tutorial

Do you fear changes in the shape of a monster legacy code base? Do you have zero test coverage and don’t know how to regain safety in your day-to-day work? Come to this talk and get insights from the developers of a million client SDK who solved these problems without a whole rewrite. A code base which grows over years often leads to an ad-hoc architecture and plenty of dark corners where no developer wants to go. If this code base is untested it can slow down implementation speed dramatically. It may prevent developers from making necessary changes as they fear to break something. So most changes are limited to small operations which do not increase the overall quality of the code base. We faced such problems in our Android SDK and introduced architectural components and abstractions to support testability and regain safety for future changes. I will present how we fought this giant legacy code monster: from introducing architectural patterns to a critical codebase, which runs on millions of devices around the world, techniques for testing legacy code without breaking it, to how we support our engineers with CI tools and automated device tests. I will show which obstacles we had to pass and where we are now. [Read more…]

Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey

Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey
English | Size: 1.39 GB
Category: CBTs

What Will I Learn?
Create your own Python scripts to automate tasks.
Read CSV Files with Python.
Be able to work with PDF files in Python.
Manipulate images with Python.
Learn how to create functions with Python.
Use Object Oriented Programming with Python.
Send and receive emails automatically with Python.
Decryption , Encryption, and Hashing with Python.
Plot geographical points on Google Maps with Python.
Read files and apply regular expressions with Python.
Scrape websites for information using Python. [Read more…]

Alberto Villoldo – The Shaman’s Journey

Alberto Villoldo – The Shaman’s Journey
English | Size: 495.69 MB
Category: Shamanism

The Shaman’s Journey DVD [running time 65min]
Edwardo Calderon Palomino was the most renowned medicine man of the Northern Inka empire. His reputation as a gifted healer and seer brought him clients from around the world. Don Edwardo was a descendant of the Moche nation. The tools of his trade were the "mesa" or medicine objects, and the visionary cactus know as San Pedro, which was thought to hold the keys to heaven. [Read more…]