Jason Capital – Social Switch

Jason Capital – Social Switch
English | Size: 44.13 MB
Category: Seduction: Audio

The training offers 10 "yes" compliance techniques, including:

– Social Dominance: How to make an audience bend to the will of your desires
– Silent Compliance: Making a girl happily comply without saying a word
– Ridiculous Compliance: Structuring a question in a way to make a girl see you as high-status
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Jason Capital – STATUS Unleashed (updated) [MP4]

Jason Capital – STATUS Unleashed (updated) [MP4]
English | Size: 3.19 GB
Category: Psychology / Body Language

High Status Explained

Why you’re CLIPPING someone’s high status future by paying for their dinner.. (06:11)
Think it’s hard being a New York Times Best Seller? Think again. We’re diving deep into what it actually means to be a prolific author, even if you’re not a good writer now.. (08:01)
Why everything you’ve been taught about “obstacles” in your life is a LIE. Plus, the sneaky trick to ridding yourself of ego-driven roadblocks for good (Sorry, Ryan Holiday)..(11:33)
How you can get crystal clear on your beliefs for the first time – the REAL reason why you’ve had trouble in the past with trainings, affirmations, and other “guru” type exercises, and how to fix that for good in 2017..(16:21) [Read more…]

Jason Capital – Power Influence

Jason Capital – Power Influence
English | Size: 6.88 GB
Category: Seduction: Other

Why? Because I had just used the very same influence technology I teach – with them.
They were blown away.
I want you to keep in mind Power Influence is about persuading with 1000% integrity.
No slimy sales tactics. No cheesy gimmicks. They’re my tribe, I would never use that shit on Team Capital.
So if you’ve ever silently wondered “how the hell does Jason do that?”. how I’m able to sell literally millions of dollars both online and in person, with honor, respect and integrity, you’ll discover how in this extraordinary program. [Read more…]

Jason Capital – Elite Mentor Summit 2017

Jason Capital – Elite Mentor Summit 2017
English | Size: 8.91 GB
Category: Seduction: Video

LISTEN UP BADASS, every single word on this page, totally relevant to you..

Because A LOT has changed in today’s success climate. Yet one thing remains the same:
If you want to succeed in this life,
you have to do more of what’s PROVEN,
and less of what isn’t..

And that’s the real reason why I got the brightest minds in the world together for you, revealing: [Read more…]

Jason Capital – 4x Energy [MP4]

Jason Capital – 4x Energy [MP4]
English | Size: 2.09 GB
Category: Health / Fitness / Massage

Here’s the truth, my worn-out friend:
I wasn’t always this way.
In fact, there was a time in my life where everything had fallen to shit.
My health was in the dumps, I felt like crap all the time, I was dead broke.
And the girls, the jets, the partying, and the freedom that came along with being a millionaire was nothing more than a short lived pipe dream for me as I felt utterly helpless every single day.
Thanks to Shanegambler for the uppload. [Read more…]

Jason Capital – Social Media God + Social Media Magnet 2017 [MP4]

Jason Capital – Social Media God + Social Media Magnet 2017 [MP4]
English | Size: 3.30 GB
Category: Tutorial

Would you like to have a social media that makes other people look up to you and do what you wish?
A social media that gets you the money, friends and relationships you want, while also raising your Status online and in your social circle?
What if I told you that youre just one post away from having all that? Because the truth is you are. And Ill prove it to you on this page. So tell me..
Have You Ever Posted Something [Read more…]

Jason Capital – Higher Status Program (25 Day Transformation)

Jason Capital – Higher Status Program (25 Day Transformation)
English | Size: 6.83 GB
Category: Tutorial

Did you know the average American is now being drowned in more than 5,000 advertisements per day?

And companies are spending billions of dollars to ensure their message gets installed in you.

If I say to most people, “What does Red Bull give you?”, they reply “Red Bull gives you wings.”

You know about energy drinks because they installed it into you.

But they never installed how to get your dream life. [Read more…]

Jason Capital – Dark Side Mind Tricks

Jason Capital – Dark Side Mind Tricks
English | Size: 998.72 MB
Category: Author: David DeAngelo

– Commitment and consistency 101. How to leverage the work of Dr. Cialdini to get people to things for you and love you for it, without them even realizing it (please check in with your moral compass)..- How the Chinese during WWII brainwashed Americans to follow them, and how you can use the same triggers to get your friends to agree with everything that you say from this point on..
The sneaky little trick to rewarding people’s behavior properly, and on the flip side, how to STOP someone from doing something that you hate without being a dick about it..
– How companies like Apple train their employees to be so loyal to the brand, and how you too can do the same inside your own business, your social group, and your family members.. [Read more…]

Jason Capital – Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement

Jason Capital – Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement
English | Size: 287.31 MB
Category: Everything Else

The key to winning the game of life isn’t money, a prestigious degree, or even keeping up with the Kardashians. The latest science reveals that the key is High Status–the secret sauce that has enabled the world’s most successful people to achieve the life of their dreams in no time at all.
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Jason Capital – Devoted Girlfriend System

Jason Capital – Devoted Girlfriend System
English | Size: 4.35 GB
Category: CBTs

In fact, most guys have no F*CKING clue what an amazing girlfriend is!
If you went by your friends, TV and the media, you’d think it was..
You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?
You’ve seen it with your friends or family and thought, “Why the hell is he putting up with this? He could do so much better!”
Because the truth is. he could be doing so much better. And so could you.
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