Session 3 Interactive sessions

Session 3: Interactive sessions
English | Size: 16.44 GB
Category: Tutorial

Together with your badge you received three cards in different colors. During session 3 there are different activities to do throughout and even outside the building. Each colour represents one of the activities.

There are 3 rounds and during each round you can visit one activity. And your colored card counts as your entry ticket for the activities. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Maya Dynamics Interactive Clouds and Skies

Pluralsight – Maya Dynamics: Interactive Clouds and Skies
English | Size: 500.8MB
Category: Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to create dynamic clouds and endless skies? In this course, Maya Dynamics: Interactive Clouds and Skies, you’ll explore one technique without the need of plugins to create realistic clouds and skies in a very efficient time frame with Maya 2018 and Arnold. First, you’ll learn how to setup your scene and decide which clouds you want to interact within your scene. Next, you’ll discover how to efficiently create a different library of clouds, cloud banks, and atmospheric effects. Finally, you’ll cover how to light and render your scene in Arnold and composite it all together in Nuke. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently create a unique library of clouds and skies in Maya. Software required: Maya. [Read more…]

Lynda – Gamification for Interactive Learning

Lynda – Gamification for Interactive Learning
English | Size: 2.30 GB
Category: CBTs

Gamification allows you to present educational content to learners in a way that’s engaging, visually compelling, and personalized. In this course, Karl Kapp explores the various types of gamification, and shows how to use gamification and interactive learning to develop effective learning experiences. He explains how to add game elements to instructional design and use reward systems for learner engagement. He also reviews the different types of structural gamification, including competition-based and badge-based. To wrap up, he dives into content gamification, explaining how to leverage characters for learning, create challenges, and provide juicy feedback. [Read more…]

Security 5 Boot Camp Interactive CDRom Tutorial – A Must-Have!

Security 5 Boot Camp Interactive CDRom Tutorial - A Must-Have!

TITLE : Security 5 Boot Camp Interactive CDRom Tutorial – A Must-Have!
Size : 632MB

[Read more…]

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