– Learn Fundamental Photoshop Techniques for Your Web Design – Learn Fundamental Photoshop Techniques for Your Web Design-iNKiSO
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It’s time to put on your Photoshop tool belt on again! Cristian Doru Barin is back. This follow-up Photoshop course gets you into the thick of it. In just 1.5 hours, Cristian will take you through practical, real-world examples designed to teach you how to get your web design jobs right, every time
If youre not familiar with the Photoshop workspace and tools rest assured that we have you covered with Introduction to Photoshop [Read more…] – Understand HTML Principles with Your First Website – Understand HTML Principles with Your First Website-iNKiSO
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They call HTML the markup language of the web, and for good reason:
every web page is rendered in HTML in some way. Its simple, its powerful, and its essential knowledge for those of us who want to code websites
With nothing more than a text editor and a browser, Guilherme shows you how to use the main HTML tags to code the semantic markup of a professional web page. Youll also learn to test and validate your code for cross-device and cross-browser compatibility Guilhermes work was reviewed by Aleksander Koko, so if youre an HTML beginner, youre in good hands here [Read more…] – Understanding Jira for Users Managers and Admins – Understanding Jira for Users Managers and Admins-iNKiSO
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This Introduction to Jira course will get you up to speed on how to be more productive and effective in Jira. With six hours of content, we’ll focus on the three main types of users in Jira. The modules in this course are broken up for each of these types, so no matter which one you are you’ll be able to quickly access the things you need [Read more…] – Less is More Supercharge Your CSS with Less js – Less is More Supercharge Your CSS with Less js-iNKiSO
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Less is a CSS preprocessor that takes your CSS skills to the next level. Write less and build faster using variables, mixins nested code and operators. The fun doesnt stop there, get in deeper as Sandy Ludosky teaches you about @imports, built in functions and namespacing. More CSS with Less code, who doesnt like that? You’ll need HTML and CSS knowledge before jumping into this one [Read more…] – Learn Programming Fundamentals with Python – Learn Programming Fundamentals with Python-iNKiSO
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This isn’t just an introductory Python course, it’s also an introductory programming course. Since Python is such a great language to teach general programming concepts, you get two birds with one stone – learning basic programming fundamentals as well as how to program in Python. Youll discover what you can do with only Python and how to extend it when youre ready to do more Oh did we mention that there are no prerequisites required for this course? [Read more…] – How to Pass a Coding Interview – How to Pass a Coding Interview-iNKiSO
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Coding interviews are a challenging test of your knowledge, your inventiveness, and your composure. I conduct many interviews watching candidates stumble with a variety of mistakes. Many of the issues are not obvious. You might not even be aware you’re doing something wrong. Let me share my experience with you, getting you on the fast track to success [Read more…]