Pluralsight – Handling and Analyzing Data with AWS Elastic MapReduce

Pluralsight – Handling and Analyzing Data with AWS Elastic MapReduce-XQZT
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In this course, you are going to learn how to utilize today’s most popular big data tools and ML frameworks to process and analyze data within AWS pipelines

A lot of people hear about big data analyzation, but how can you use it for your use cases? In this course, Handling and Analyzing Data with AWS Elastic MapReduce, you’ll learn foundational knowledge and gain the ability to use AWS Elastic MapReduce to perform data analyzation. First, you’ll explore configuring AWS EMR and Hadoop. Next, you’ll discover how to process, move, and query data using big data frameworks. Finally, you’ll learn how to stream and analyze data using Apache products and MLlib. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of using AWS EMR needed to handle and analyze your own big data datasets. [Read more…]

SEC504 – Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling

SEC504 – Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling
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Category: E-learning | HACKING | Security

504.1 – Incident Handling Step-by Step & Comp Crime Investigation
504.3 – Computer & Network Hacker Exploits, Part 2
504.4 – Computer & Network Hacker Exploits, Part 3
504.5 – Computer & Network Hacker Exploits, Part 4
504.6 – Hacker Tools Workshop [Read more…]

PluralSight – Handling Errors in T SQL

PluralSight – Handling Errors in T SQL-BOOKWARE-KNiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Release Notes: Perhaps you re starting out or have been putting off learning error handling for years. Maybe you want to take your understanding of error handling in SQL Server to the next level. In this course, Handling Errors in T-SQL, you will gain the ability to handle exceptions in SQL Server. First you will learn why handling errors in T-SQL is critical to writing quality code. Along the way, learning why you want to control the outcome of your scripts. Next, you will discover how transactions are woven into the fabric of SQL Server and how to manage them efficiently. Finally, you will explore the most important error handling methods. When you re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to consistently handle exceptions in T-SQL [Read more…]

SKILLSHARE C# Programming: 9 – Exception Handling and Debugging-iLLiTERATE

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Category: Tutorial

This is the ninth in a series of graded courses that explain how to become proficient at C# programming. Be sure to download the eBook and Source Code Archive from Course #1 ‘C# Programming – Getting Started’

How to handle problems before they happen (using exceptions) and find and solve problems after they happen (using the debugger). [Read more…]

PLURALSIGHT Droidcon Boston ’19: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Error Handling on Android

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We all use crash reporting tools in our apps, but have you ever wondered what happens under the hood? How do these crash reporters do what they do to make our debugging lives easier? Let’s find out! In this session, you’ll learn how to create a crash reporting SDK from scratch using Android’s UncaughtExceptionHandler, starting by capturing and sending stack traces to an HTTP endpoint. We’ll then progressively add functionality onto our crash reporter until it’s turned into a battle-tested SDK that we’re confident will save us hours of debugging crashes in production. As expected diving deeper into the inner workings of our tools, we’ll encounter challenges along the way. We’ll analyze the various scenarios, what they mean for our apps, and how to best go about solving for them given tradeoffs and solutions. Here are some of the challenges we’ll encounter: For starters, we’ll discuss the design constraints caused by working in a low-memory environment, and how streaming IO and JSON serialization can help us capture OutOfMemoryErrors. We’ll also learn the best practices of caching undelivered reports on disk for future delivery and triggering automatic upload of reports in response to connectivity changes. We’ll consider privacy issues, like how we can collect useful metadata about the device and application at the time of crash while respecting user privacy by filtering sensitive information. To further expand our tool, we’ll capture exceptions caught in a try-catch block and discuss the difficulties with ensuring thread-safety in these situations. Then we’ll move on to the various strategies for testing a crash reporter and walk through the benefits of black-box end-to-end tests. Another issue to examine is how we can deobfuscate stack traces in apps which use R8-we’ll review uploading a mapping file to an HTTP endpoint and read its contents to reveal a readable stack trace. There are even things we can do to highlight the most useful parts of stack traces as well as thinking through grouping related errors together. Then we’ll consider supporting different API levels and how it affects the collection of useful data, and finally, we’ll touch on capturing errors in NDK apps and the potential pitfalls in the Java Native Interface. [Read more…]

Certified Incident Handling Engineer (CIHE)

Certified Incident Handling Engineer (CIHE)
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The Certified Incident Handling Engineer (CIHE) course is designed to enable the candidates to efficiently and effectively handle incidents which arise during their jobs as system administrators, system security engineers and network and cloud security experts. The course helps the candidates to plan, create and utilize their resources properly for the prevention, detection and mitigation of attacks on the data or infrastructure. The Certified Incident Handling Engineer (CIHE) is a certification exam offered by Mile2. [Read more…]

Career Academy Certified Incident Handling Engineer CIHE Series TUTORIAL-SoSISO

Career Academy Certified Incident Handling Engineer CIHE Series TUTORIAL-SoSISO
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Category: Tutorial

Certified Incident Handling Engineer Online Training Series
Training Series Overview:
This series covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Incident Handling Engineer. Students will learn about threats, vulnerabilities and exploits, IH preparation, request trackers for incident handling, preliminary responses, identification and initial responses, sysinternals, containment, eradication, follow-up, recovery, virtualization security, and malware incident handling.
[Read more…]