BBC – Rams Principles of Good Design (2019) 720p HDTV

BBC – Rams: Principles of Good Design (2019) 720p HDTV
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Category: Documentary

For over fifty years, Dieter Rams has left an indelible mark on the field of product design with his iconic work at Braun and Vitsoe, and his influence on Apple. So, at 87 years old, why does he now regret being a designer?
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LINKEDIN LEARNING Project Management Starts with Laying Good Ground Rules-BiFiSO

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Category: Tutorial

Great management is a delicate balance. You’re responsible for setting and achieving certain goals, but the ways of getting there are as unpredictable as humans themselves. Your job is to create a structure within which your team members can collaborate, create, and stay collectively on track as you work together to build a whole greater than the sum of its parts. This involves careful planning, deliberate dialogue, honest self-assessment, and many other practices. In this course, get project management advice from real-world practitioners, including actor and director Stanley Tucci and Chief Rob Roy, an award-winning veteran of the US Navy. Learn how to balance vision and improvisation and manage complex projects with clarity of purpose and creative freedom. [Read more…]

Mind Hacking – How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days by John Hargrave

Mind Hacking – How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days by John Hargrave
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Category: Self Improvement

Have you ever wished you could reprogram your brain, just as a hacker would a computer? In this three-step guide to improving your mental habits, learn to take charge of your mind and banish negative thoughts, habits, and anxiety – in just 21 days! [Read more…]