Udemy – LinkedIn Lead Generation How to Generate High Quality Leads

Udemy – LinkedIn Lead Generation: How to Generate High Quality Leads
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Category: Tutorial

Discover how to generate your ideal leads on LinkedIn, nurture them to build relationships and turn them into clients.
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3D Procedural Mesh Generation Fundamentals in Unity

3D Procedural Mesh Generation Fundamentals in Unity
English | Size: 451.4MB
Category: CBTs

Have you ever looked at 3D proceduraly generated games , and wondered, how do they do that?
In this course we cover the fundamentals of creating procedural 3D mesh data going from how basic shapes are made, creating simple landscapes with Perlin Noise, all the way up to creating a race track generator!
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Lynda – Advanced Lead Generation

Lynda – Advanced Lead Generation
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Category: Tutorial

Spark more interest in your products and services by developing a comprehensive lead generation strategy. In this course, Dayna Rothman goes in depth into generating leads with inbound and outbound marketing. Dayna explains how to create a strategy and execute against it. She discusses how to tie your efforts to the sales funnel to be successful. She also covers how to measure and test the effectiveness of your lead generation programs. Get ready to learn how to identify leads, define your sales funnel, and improve your approach to marketing. [Read more…]

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