SANS FOR585 Advanced Smartphone Forensics (PDF 2016)

SANS FOR585 Advanced Smartphone Forensics (PDF 2016)
English | Size: 372.71 MB
Category: E-learning | HACKING | Networking | Security

FOR585 Advanced Smartphone Forensics will help you understand:

Where key evidence is located on a smartphone
How the data got onto the smartphone
How to recover deleted mobile device data that forensic tools miss
How to decode evidence stored in third-party applications
How to detect, decompile, and analyze mobile malware and spyware
How to handle locked or encrypted devices, applications, and containers
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SANS FOR585 (2015) Audio

SANS FOR585 (2015) Audio
English | Size: 1.96 GB
Category: Security

FOR585: Advanced Smartphone Forensics
Contents | Additional Info
Instructor: Heather Mahalik
36 CPEs
Laptop Required
Every day there are so many great bits of real-world knowledge. It isn’t just academic. Mind blowing experience.
Bart Dudek
This was an awesome class! Amazing amount of material and the capstone tied it all together.
D. Mayer, Broomsfield Police Department
It is almost impossible today to conduct a digital forensic investigation that does not include a smartphone or mobile device. Smartphones are replacing the need for a personal computer, and almost everyone owns at least one. The smartphone may be the only source of digital evidence tracing an individual’s movements and motives, and thus can provide the who, what, when, where, why, and how behind a case. FOR585: Advanced Smartphone Forensics teaches real-life, hands-on skills that help digital forensic examiners, law enforcement officers, and information security professionals handle investigations involving even the most complex smartphones currently available.
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