Linkedin Learning – Wireless Networking Essential Training

Linkedin Learning – Wireless Networking Essential Training-XQZT
English | Size: 224.22 MB
Category: Tutorial

Get a broad overview of how wireless networks operate and walk through the steps of setting one up with instructor Kevin Wallace. Kevin discusses wireless LAN design options, wireless standards and security, and more. Kevin also demonstrates how to set up two different types of wireless networks one using a common consumer-grade router and the other using professional-grade hardware [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – ZBrush 2020 Essential Training

Linkedin Learning – ZBrush 2020 Essential Training-ZH
English | Size: 2.51 GB
Category: Tutorial

ZBrush combines 3D modeling, texturing, and painting into one digital sculpting workflow. Take a tour of the features in ZBrush and see how to use them in real-world projects Instructor Ryan Kittleson shows how to create basics forms with meshes, sculpt details with brushes, paint and texture models, and render the results using professional-level project [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – AutoCAD Mechanical Essential Training UPDATE 20200325

Linkedin Learning – AutoCAD Mechanical Essential Training UPDATE 20200325-ZH
English | Size: 612.48 MB
Category: Tutorial

AutoCAD Mechanical includes the very best of AutoCAD along with industry-specific libraries of parts and tools for mechanical engineering, making it a must-learn application for anyone involved in the design and construction of machinery Instructor Shaun Bryant covers the basics of the AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 user interface and leads you step-by-step through producing precise, measured mechanical engineering drawings and designs. Shaun teaches you how to structure drawings and data, create and edit geometry, generate parts from the library, and annotate drawings. Plus, he shows how to perform design calculations for manufacturing, as well as create templates that are customized to suit any workflow [Read more…]

Lynda – Puppet Essential Training UPDATE 20200211-APoLLo

Lynda – Puppet Essential Training UPDATE 20200211-APoLLo
English | Size: 352.80 MB
Category: Tutorial

Puppet helps to streamline the job of server administration by allowing administrators to standardize infrastructure and keep it in the desired state. In this course, join instructor Josh Samuelson as he takes a deep dive into this IT automation platform, covering both core concepts and advanced topics. Josh explains how to securely separate data from code using Hiera, test using rspec-puppet, automate tests using Travis CI, create a module, and more. Throughout the course, he includes practical exercises that can help you quickly get up to speed with this powerful set of tools. [Read more…]

Lynda – MERN Essential Training

Lynda – MERN Essential Training-APoLLo
English | Size: 299.33 MB
Category: Tutorial

Curious about how MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js, or MERN, work together, and how to build a full-stack application with the MERN stack? In this course, instructor Emmanuel Henri shows you how. Using practical examples, he shines a spotlight on each step of the process. Learn how to set up your initial Node.js and Express server; set up your Mongo database; define the needed endpoints; create a React front end; and add a form to present data to users. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – After Effects 2020 Essential Training The Basics

Linkedin Learning – After Effects 2020 Essential Training The Basics-QUASAR
English | Size: 555.81 MB
Category: Tutorial

In a course designed to inform and inspire beginners, instructor Mark Christiansen covers the basics of Adobe After Effects 2020 Mark starts by describing the core terminology of film, video and animation before moving on to an exploration of the After Effects interface. Next, he covers fundamentals of working in After Effects: building compositions, working with layers animating, adding effects, designing in 3D, and rendering Mark employs these techniques to walk through a sample project demonstrating how everything comes together in an actual workflow [Read more…]

Lynda – Bootstrap 4 Essential Training UPDATE 20200219

Lynda Bootstrap 4 Essential Training UPDATE 20200219-APoLLo
English | Size: 1.98 GB
Category: Tutorial

Bootstrap-a front-end framework using HTML, CSS, and jQuery-is designed to help developers quickly and easily build responsive, mobile-ready websites that are cross-browser compatible. An open-source framework, Bootstrap features a 12-column grid and components that are ready to use. In this course, Ray Villalobos helps you get started with Bootstrap 4, providing an overview of all of the goodies in this popular framework. Ray covers the installation options, and walks through the basic styles that normalize how your content is displayed on different platforms and browsers. He also explains how to use the flexbox grid system to build nearly any kind of layout you can dream up, use different classes to easily get around your project, work with interactive components like dropdowns and carousels, and more. [Read more…]

Cloud Academy – Essential Java Programming

Cloud Academy – Essential Java Programming-STM
English | Size: 515.63 MB
Category: Programming

This training course takes you through many of the essential Java programming features. We’ll review in depth features like Language Statements, Using Strings, Subclasses, Fields and Variables, Using Arrays, Java Packages and Visibility, and much more. [Read more…]

BBC – Essential Royal Ballet (2019)

BBC – Essential Royal Ballet (2019)
English | Size: 1.11 GB
Category: Tutorial

Katie Derham introduces highlights from the past ten years at the Royal Ballet.

Presented on location in Covent Garden at the iconic Royal Opera House, Katie weaves the history of ballet through carefully curated excerpts from the past decade of performances and goes behind the scenes to see what it takes to be a dancer in the company of the Royal Ballet as they prepare to take to the stage. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Xcode 11 Essential Training

Linkedin Learning – Xcode 11 Essential Training-ZH
English | Size: 252.65 MB
Category: Tutorial

Explore the major features of Xcode 11, the integrated development environment for developers of macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps. This course helps new Apple developers install Xcode and start writing and editing code. Instructor Todd Perkins reviews the version control and storyboard features, as well as the basics of Interface Builder, the intuitive UI design tool, and shows how to compile and debug apps and create unit tests to make sure your code does what it’s supposed to do [Read more…]