DW – Taiwan A Laboratory for Democracy (2021)

DW – Taiwan: A Laboratory for Democracy (2021)
English | Size: 797 MB
Category: Documentary

For China, it’s a renegade province that must be brought into line. [Read more…]

DW – The True Story of Santa Claus (2021)

DW – The True Story of Santa Claus (2021)
English | Size: 832 MB
Category: Documentary

Santa Claus is a global icon. But where did this friendly old man in a red suit who brings gifts for children actually come from? [Read more…]

DW – Legendary Hotels The Beau-Rivage in Geneva (2021)

DW – Legendary Hotels: The Beau-Rivage in Geneva (2021)
English | Size: 717 MB
Category: Documnetary

With its stunning view of Lake Geneva, the hotel has attracted actors from Roger Moore to Angelina Jolie, and played host to political luminaries like Kofi Annan, Charles de Gaulle and the Dalai Lama. [Read more…]

DW – Legendary Hotels Le Bristol in Paris (2021)

DW – Legendary Hotels: Le Bristol in Paris (2021)
English | Size: 820 MB
Category: Documentary

Grand hotels are places full of history, triumph and tragedy. During the World War II, “Le Bristol” was one of the few Paris hotels the Nazis did not take over during the occupation. [Read more…]

DW – Saving the Temples on the Nile (2021)

DW – Saving the Temples on the Nile (2021)
English | Size: 805 MB
Category: Documentary

A timeless treasure, nearly lost forever. [Read more…]

DW – A Catastrophe in Court The Eichmann Trial (2021)

DW – A Catastrophe in Court: The Eichmann Trial (2021)
English | Size: 783 MB
Category: Documentary

After the end of World War Two, Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann lived a quiet life in Argentina. [Read more…]