[Update Links] PluralSight – Building Data driven Apps with AWS AppSync

PluralSight – Building Data driven Apps with AWS AppSync Bookware-KNiSO
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Release Notes: Modern applications consume data from many different sources before displaying it to the user. Consuming many data sources means more upfront work to build an application and more potential breaking points. Also, security and permission become harder and harder to manage. In this course, Building Data-driven Apps with AWS AppSync, you ll learn how to leverage the power of AppSync to unify all your data sources so they can be accessed through one central place. First you ll explore how to create APIs and Data Sources via AppSync. Next, you’ll learn how to configure the Javascript AppSync client with our backend to query and mutate data via GraphQL APIs. Finally, you ll discover how to use Amplify Datastore to store data locally when users are offline, and sync the data when an internet connection becomes available By the end of this course, you’ll be able to build a data-driven application with realtime and offline support and build in authentication using AWS AppSync [Read more…]

Domain Driven Design Distilled

Domain Driven Design Distilled
English | Size: 2.8GB
Category: Tutorial

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) software modeling delivers powerful results in practice, not just in theory, which is why developers worldwide are rapidly moving to adopt it. Now, for the first time, there’s an accessible guide to the basics of DDD: What it is, what problems it solves, how it works, and how to quickly gain value from it. [Read more…]

Skillshare – StackStorm Event Driven Automation Tool for DevOps and Infrastructure

Skillshare – StackStorm Event Driven Automation Tool for DevOps and Infrastructure-ViGOROUS
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This unique course is designed to become an expert in bash shell scripting to automate repetitive tasks.

As we know that most of the organizations are moving into Linux and Unix operating system as its generally open source. Additionally, Linux, Unix skills gained by developers would make them more in demand. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Data Skills Building A Data Team Fit For A Data Driven Enterprise

Pluralsight – Data Skills Building A Data Team Fit For A Data Driven Enterprise-NOLEDGE
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Big Data LDN 2019 | Data Skills: Building a Data Team Fit for a Data-driven Enterprise | Jez Clark [Read more…]

Lynda – Data Ethics Making Data Driven Decisions

Lynda – Data Ethics Making Data Driven Decisions-APoLLo
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Most companies have complex computer algorithms deciding who gets a bank loan, job interview, or health insurance. Do you have an ethical obligation to explain the decision-making back to your customer? How do you design systems that are free of gender or racial bias? These systems will define your organization. Yet many of these decisions aren’t happening in the boardroom. Instead they’re made in much smaller meetings with people just like you-project managers, business analysts, directors, and software developers. This course gives you the skills you need to make the best decisions. Instructor Doug Rose helps you consider the duties you have to your customer, think about the consequences of your algorithms’ decisions, and acting virtuously when wrestling with key data ethics challenges. [Read more…]

PluralSight – E2e2u Slacks Journey to Developer Driven End to End Testing

PluralSight – E2e2u Slacks Journey to Developer Driven End to End Testing-JGTiSO
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Two years ago, the Slack team presented on an approach that makes authoring reliable Android UI tests easier. To date Slack Android developers have written 637 UI tests and all of them run as part of a merge-blocking (and, most importantly, reliable) pull-request check. Having conquered this level, we set our sights on the top of our test pyramid – automated end to end tests. This test suite was still being maintained by a single hero developer, who through sheer grit and determination, didn’t let this important part of the release process die. Armed with experience in functional UI testing, Slack embarked on an adventure to make our end-to-end test suite a shared responsibility of the entire team. The team’s journey has taken them through the fields of Dagger, the bog of Espresso IdlingResources, the inferno of ProGuard and perhaps, the most challenging of them all, cultural aspects of quality assurance. Valera Zakharov looks forward to sharing where Slack is in their never-ending testing story [Read more…]