Linkedin Learning – Creating Psychological Safety for Diverse Teams

Linkedin Learning – Creating Psychological Safety for Diverse Teams-ZH
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Todays workforce comprises multiple generations, cultures, and ways of working. By creating a culture of psychological safety in which team members feel comfortable taking risks you can lead these diverse teams to greater success. In this course, leaders whove worked with organizations ranging from the New York Times to the NBA explain how to create a work environment where every team member feels valued, seen, and ready to innovate. Get strategies for communicating with people who think differently than you, managing across cultures, and helping your direct reports form habits that actually stick. Plus, learn how to find balance among the skill sets in your organization by embracing the unique talents that each person brings to the
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LINKEDIN LEARNING Marketing to Diverse Audiences

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Good marketing reaches an audience where they are. And it’s crafted by people who take the time to understand who their audience is and what they actually want. When marketing campaigns come across as tone-deaf, it’s often because the campaign’s creators leaned on their assumptions instead of investigating the nuances of their target market.
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Managing a Diverse Team | Vanessa Womack | LYNDA

Managing a Diverse Team | Vanessa Womack | LYNDA
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Team leaders should aim to create an inclusive culture that celebrates differences and fosters the best performance from every team member. In this course, leadership coach Vanessa Womack equips you with knowledge and impactful strategies that can help you successfully manage, counsel, and lead a diverse team. Vanessa first explains how to prepare yourself to lead by identifying cornerstones of diversity and reviewing diversity and inclusion terminology. She then shares strategies for observing and coaching your team to cultivate behaviors that build trust and strengthen relationships. [Read more…]