Linkedin Learning – CSSLP Cert Prep 3 Secure Software Design Online Class

Linkedin Learning – CSSLP Cert Prep 3 Secure Software Design Online Class-ZH
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Secure software design helps you eliminate the design flaws that attackers exploit-before your app ever makes it to production. In this course, the third installment of the CSSLP Cert Prep series, instructor Jerod Brennen dives into the subject of app security, helping prepare you for the third domain of the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) exam: Secure Software Design. Jerod discusses threat modeling, security architecture, and security design. Learn how to identify and prioritize the right controls for your style of architecture, including mobile and cloud-based architectures. Discover security-enhancing tools to diagnose and repair design flaws. Find out how to design adequate security controls for your network, servers, data, and application, and explore how data modeling and classification can make your security efforts more targeted and cost-effective. [Read more…] – Design a User Interface with Sketch – Design a User Interface with Sketch-iNKiSO
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Learning User Interface (UI) design is fundamental for creating an intuitive experience for your audience. This course teaches you the essentials of Sketch 40 and how to use it to build clean, crisp designs. Whether youre a new or seasoned developer, this course explores the process from beginning to end, discussing design practices while working through a unique design case [Read more…] – Build Your First Website From Design to Code – Build Your First Website From Design to Code-iNKiSO
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Sooner or later, anyone with basic HTML and CSS skills wants to get their hands dirty building a website. And front-end dev Guilherme Muller knows exactly how that feels [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Data-Driven Learning Design

Linkedin Learning – Data-Driven Learning Design-ZH
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Work skills are starting to have increasingly shorter shelf lives. Consequently, professionals of all stripes need access to high-quality learning and development (L&D) options that equip them with the skills they need to remain competitive. In this course, learn how L&D professionals can leverage the power of data to create learning content that more effectively helps learners upskill. Learn about the data-driven learning design process and how to build a data strategy of your own Instructor Lori Niles discusses the importance of data analysis on learner behavior prior to solution design. She also details how marketing uses data and how L&D professionals can apply some of those techniques to increase content consumption. Plus, learn how to make informed decisions when choosing a learning management system, leverage data to have more successful conversations with stakeholders, and start closing learning gaps at your organization [Read more…] – Learn Fundamental Photoshop Techniques for Your Web Design – Learn Fundamental Photoshop Techniques for Your Web Design-iNKiSO
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It’s time to put on your Photoshop tool belt on again! Cristian Doru Barin is back. This follow-up Photoshop course gets you into the thick of it. In just 1.5 hours, Cristian will take you through practical, real-world examples designed to teach you how to get your web design jobs right, every time
If youre not familiar with the Photoshop workspace and tools rest assured that we have you covered with Introduction to Photoshop [Read more…]

Lynda – Programming Foundations – Object-Oriented Design

Lynda – Programming Foundations – Object-Oriented Design [AhLaN]
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All good software starts with a great design. Object-oriented design helps developers plan applications before they write a single line of code, and break down ideas into reusable and maintainable components. This course focuses on the foundational concepts, teaching them in a fun, interactive way to help you quickly develop your skills. Tag team Olivia and Barron Stone introduce you to the concepts and terms-objects, classes, abstraction, inheritance, and more-that you need to get started. They then show how to take the requirements for an app, identify use cases, and map out classes using Universal Modeling Language (UML). The final design can then be translated into code using one of the many popular object-oriented programming languages, such as Java, C#, Ruby, or Python. [Read more…]