oxford short introduction book collection

oxford short introduction book collection
English | Size: 592.15 MB
Category: Tutorial

This article contains oxford short introduction books collection.
Very Short Introductions (VSI) is a book series published by the Oxford University Press (OUP) since 1995. Books in the series offer concise introductions to particular subjects, intended for a general audience but written by experts in the field. Individual titles range from 96 to 224 pages in length, with most between 120 and 180, and nearly all contain suggestions for further reading. While authors may present personal viewpoints, the books are meant to be "balanced and complete" as well as thought provoking. [Read more…]

Exclusive Font Collection TYPE1-TEAM

Exclusive Font Collection TYPE1-TEAM
English | Size: 566 MB
Category: Tutorial

SIZE: 566 MB
TYPE: PC/Mac/Hybrid [Read more…]

Cinefex Magazine Collection

Cinefex Magazine Collection
English | Size: 602 MB
Category: Tutorial

Cinefex (launched in 1980) is a quarterly professional movie special effects magazine. It is among the first dedicated special effects magazines ever produced, at a time where computer generated imagery effects were not as common.

Cinefex is also among the very few magazines which do not advertise inside material on the cover, though an alternate edition with this feature is also in publication to conform to this guideline among magazine publishers. Cinefex is also one of the few magazines that produces a separate version for subscribers that does not have a bar code printed on the front cover, allowing the cover image to be viewed unobstructed. [Read more…]

Chess – Beginner’s ebook collection

Chess – Beginner’s ebook collection
English | Size: 357.21 MB
Category: Tutorial

121 Chess Problems – J.W. Abbott
Adriaan D. de Groot – Thought and Choice in Chess (2nd ed. 1978)x
Al Horowitz – Chess for Beginners – A Picture Guide
Bent Larsen’s – Good Move Guide
Bobby Fischer My 60 Memorable Games
Book of Chess Strategy
Chess Fundamentals – Capablanca
Chess Strategy – Edward Lasker
Daniel King – How to Win at Chess – 10 Golden Rules to Follow
David LeMoir – How to Become a Deadly Chess Tactician
Eugene Znosko-Borovsky – How Not to Play Chess
Garry Kasparov – My Great Predecessors, Vol.1 (Photographs).djvu
Harding, Tim – Better Chess For Average Players [Read more…]

Woodworking Books Ultimate Collection

Woodworking Books Ultimate Collection
English | Size: 9.45 GB
Category: Tutorial

Woodworking Ultimate e-Book Collection

(old book) Krug Furniture.pdf (5.8 MB)
101 BEST-EVER Workshop Projects.pdf (13.1 MB)
10-in. Sliding Compound Miter Saws (tool test).pdf (1.1 MB)
1813-TheCircleOfTheMechanicalArts-ne.pdf (76.7 MB)
1855-TheArtOfStairBuilding-Perry.pdf (2.3 MB)
1882-The_Modern_House_carpenter_s_Companion-Sylvester.pdf (2.8 MB)
1883-Workshop_receipts.pdf (17.1 MB)
1896-FortyLessonsInCarpentryWorkshop-ne.pdf (2.8 MB)
1897-WoodFinishing.pdf (6.2 MB)
19 Great Projects For Your Shop.pdf (3.6 MB)
1901-TheWoodTurnersHandybook-ne.pdf (5.8 MB)
1902-Modern_Carpentry-Vol.1-ne.pdf (9.0 MB)
1904-SmithsWork-Hasluck.pdf (3.6 MB) [Read more…]

Jack Ellis Collection

Jack Ellis Collection
English | Size: 1.89 GB
Category: Hypnosis / NLP

50 Shades of Seduction.pdf
Astral Power
Backdoor Secrets.pdf
Becoming The Beast
Beguiled [Read more…]

Xfrog Plants Collection

Xfrog Plants Collection
English | Size: 2.69 GB
Category: Tutorial

Each Library contain 20 Species x 3 ages, and created using Xfrog procedural organic software.
The libraries are created for regions (example – USA East, Mediterranean, Japan) and by Topic (example – Flowers, Autumn).
Our Libraries are modeled by botanical experts from original photos, reference sketches, and multiple reference books,
and we travel and collect real samples of each plant in each library – bark and tree leaves are scanned, flower petals,
fruit, are scanned, and are combined with very high quality modeling for absolutely the highest realism possible.
XfrogPlants are used by houses such as Digital Domain, Pixar, DreamworksSKG, SONY Imageworks, Disney Imagineering,
and featured in shows such as "The Polar Express", "War of the Worlds", and "the Incredibles" – as well as many others. [Read more…]

Vector Art Mega 2 Collection

Vector Art Mega 2 Collection
English | Size: 136 MB
Category: Tutorial

Vector Art is a unique and profitable resource for computerized signmaking.

Unlike other "clipart" bundles, Vector Art is created by some of the best sign and vehicle graphic artists in the world. This original artwork is scanned, vectorized and painstakingly "cleaned up" by our editors and then expertly formatted for trouble free import to sign and graphics programs.
[Read more…]

Hemi-Sync collection, some OUT OF CATALOGUE and very rare

Hemi-Sync collection, some OUT OF CATALOGUE and very rare
English | Size: 8.80 GB
Category: Self Improvement

I use Hemi-Sync since more than 10 years and I still consider it as the BEST source for brainwave trainig.
I am uploading here my collection, collected from 2003. I tried to remove everything that already can be found here to avoid duplicates, even if some of the materials here have a less audio quality.
Some of therse materials are OUT OF CATALOGUE and quite rare.
I hope that someone can use and enjoy it [Read more…]

GoMedia Arsenal Complete Brush Collection Sets 1-18

GoMedia Arsenal Complete Brush Collection Sets 1-18
English | Size: 249 MB
Category: Tutorial

GoMedia Arsenal High Resolution Photoshop Brushes Sets 1 – 18
Set 1 – Skulls, Splatters, Destroy, Tech Shapes, Crests, Wings, and Architecture. Set 2 – Hooladanders, Paint Splatters, The Sexy Pack, Trees 1, Spray Paint, Wings, and Grimy Brush Strokes. Set 3 – Zoology, Statues, Brush Strokes, Tribal Ornaments, Banners, Halftone Patterns, and Tech Shapes 2. Set 4 – Currency, Urban, Arrows, Shattered, Battle, Bugs, and Shields. Set 5 – Hooladanders 2, Circle Halftones, Skulls 2, Flock of Birds, Decorative Elements, Flames, and Edges. Set 6 – Heraldry, Destroy 2, Anatomy, Skylines, Linework, Radials, and Scribbles. Set 7 – Ornate, War, Stains, Hair, Scrolls, Stars & Hearts, and Horror. Set 8 – Flourishes, Decorative 2, Arrows 2, Industrial, Religious, Music, and Silhouettes. Set 9 – Hooladanders 3, Heraldry 2, Abstract Halftones, Signs, Western, 80s, and Flowers. Set 10 – Lightning, Tattoos, Cute Stuff, Anatomy 2, Hooved, Nautical, and Blood Drips. Set 11 – Hand-Drawn Skulls, Doodles, Trees 2, Birds 2, Suits, and Type Explosions, and International City Skylines. Set 12 – 8-bit, Zombies, Guts & Slime, Tiling Halftones, East Asian Folk Art, Linework 2, and Tattered Scrolls. Set 13 – Bound, Flow, Robots, 3D Skulls, Apparel, XTreme Sports, and Too Sexy. Set 14 – Ornate Patterns, Hand Drawn Wings, Skeletons, Textile Patterns, Superheroes, Sketchbook & Fight. Set 15 – Dee Jay, Arabesque, Op Art, Architecture, Ornate 2 and Fashion. Set 16 – Primates, Toned Radials, Serpents, Winged Scrolls, Maps of the USA, and Vintage Elements. Set 17 – Stains, Sabotage, Heavy Grunge, Drips, Ink Splatters, Smudges, and Paint Splatters. Set 18 – Stains, Sabotage, Heavy Grunge, Drips, Ink Splatters, Smudges, and Paint Splatters. [Read more…]