Discovery Channel – Showdown Air Combat – F4U Corsair vs. Zero (2008)

Discovery Channel – Showdown: Air Combat – F4U Corsair vs. Zero (2008)
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Category: Documentary

Fighter pilots…warriors of the sky. Jousting on aerial steeds made of steel, speeding through the skies at hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles per hour. Their goal? To get the other guy before he gets them. Hosted by U.S. Air Force Major Paul “Max” Moga of the Air Combat Command’s 1st Fighter Wing, “Showdown: Air Combat” recreates some of history’s most compelling aerial combat manoeuvres with restored aircraft from every era of airborne warfare. The series also offers a compelling insight into each aircraft’s strengths and weaknesses, its place in the evolutionary time line of design innovation, and the ground-breaking battle tactics employed in each confrontation. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning – Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel

Linkedin Learning – Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel-ZH
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Category: Tutorial

YouTube is where video and video creators thrive. By creating a YouTube channel, you can build a highly visible online brand and share content with the world. This course explains how to set up a brand-new YouTube channel, build your subscriber base, and convert clicks into action. Throughout the course instructor Rich Harrington shares essential strategies for building an audience and maximizing engagement. Rich explains how to design compelling artwork, choose engaging thumbnails, and use YouTube cards and captions. He also dives into building a YouTube community, managing your channel in Creator Studio, live streaming, and more. Start watching and learn everything you need to build a YouTube channel into a successful [Read more…]

Smithsonian Channel – The Lost Ships The Hunt for the Kaiser’s Superfleet (2020)

Smithsonian Channel – The Lost Ships: The Hunt for the Kaiser’s Superfleet (2020)
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Category: Documentary

The true story of a search for a missing fleet of German warships, sunk by the Royal Navy off the Falkland Islands in December 1914, during one of the first great sea battles of the First World War. The Scharnhorst was an armoured cruiser and Admiral Graf von Spee’s flagship. [Read more…]

History Channel – Beyond Kokoda (2008)

History Channel – Beyond Kokoda (2008)
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Category: Documentary

In a remarkable world-first, Beyond Kokoda tells the powerful story of the Kokoda Campaign of 1942 – from both sides. Narrated by Australian actor Christopher Baker (who appeared in the 2006 film ‘Kokoda’), The History Channel’s exclusive two-hour documentary explores one of the most defining moments in Australian military history and features the harrowing personal stories of the Kokoda Trail from both the Australian and Japanese soldiers’perspectives. [Read more…]

Discovery Channel – Apollo The Forgotten Films (2019)

Discovery Channel – Apollo: The Forgotten Films (2019)
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Category: Documentary

In July 1969, history was made as 600 million people watched Neil Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind on the surface of the moon. But behind these iconic images is an untold story. Now, 50 years later, Discovery and Science Channel celebrate the Apollo 11 moon landing with a two-hour television event, APOLLO: THE FORGOTTEN FILMS, that tells the complete story of this most audacious of missions. Featuring forgotten and never-before-seen footage from events surrounding the landmark mission, the documentary by Duncan Copp traces the decade’s worth of effort involving half a million scientists that was required to enable that "one giant leap for mankind". The archives reveal the incredible lengths an army of engineers, scientists and astronauts went to, to achieve America’s greatest technological feat. [Read more…]

History Channel – Ten Days to D-Day (2004)

History Channel – Ten Days to D-Day (2004)
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Category: Documentary

Based on the book Ten Days to D-Day by David Stafford, this program unfolds day-by-day, revealing through the letters and diaries of ten people the momentous ten days that led to the Allied invasion of Europe on June 6, 1944. [Read more…]