Cloud Academy – Considering a Career in Cloud Computing

Cloud Academy – Considering a Career in Cloud Computing?
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You are probably already familiar with the unmet demand for cloud computing skills in the job market but how can you forge career in cloud computing? Cloud computing jobs range from architects and developers to data scientists, security pros and more, all of which require a specific focus. Now you want to figure out what the best path forward will be, given your experience, your interests, your goals, and the market needs. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Document Yourself A Framework For Career Advancement Codemash

Pluralsight – Document Yourself A Framework For Career Advancement Codemash-NOLEDGE
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Notes: CodeMash 2020 | Document Yourself: A Framework for Career Advancement | Michelle Brenner
The goal of this workshop is to document yourself the way you would document code. You wouldn’t expect someone who wants to use the program you built to read every line of code. Instead, they’re relying on the design documents and doc strings to know how it works. The same is true with your career. This talk is about making it easy for you to provide overwhelming evidence of your value to the company. When you can show your return on investment (ROI), it’s much easier to secure a promotion, raise, or new job. Michelle Brenner’s session consists of three parts. Writing your daily accomplishments in the form of success statements. Putting them together into a brag sheet. And, finally, using them to create your elevator pitch. This framework helps you make a habit out of documenting. Once you have documented yourself, you will be amazed at how much you have accomplished. You will walk away with the confidence and plan to take your next step [Read more…]

Udemy – How to Kickstart & Grow Your Art Career In The Game Industry by Class Creatives

Udemy – How to Kickstart & Grow Your Art Career In The Game Industry by Class Creatives
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What you’ll learn
Stand out from other candidates and get interviews for video game jobs specifically for art roles as character modeling, 3D animation, 2D, and Generalist.
Succeed in interviews by using specific, proven tactics and strategies.
Understand how to make it very clear to employers why you should be hired. [Read more…]

Lynda – Future Proofing Your Data Science Career

Lynda – Future Proofing Your Data Science Career-APoLLo
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Data science is growing-and changing. Some practitioners are apprehensive about what the future holds. Will businesses lose interest in big data? Are there enough of the jobs of tomorrow for the people employed today? What will we do with our training and expertise? The truth is the opportunities for data scientists are only increasing, providing new ways for you to contribute and to lead innovative transformations. This course provides a deeper understanding of the history of data science as well as specific, tactical tools that will enable you to identify where the next opportunities in this burgeoning field will be. Instructor Christopher Bishop, an expert in career transformation, gives you the practical advice and tools you need to help you find your next data science job-and the one after that. [Read more…]

Artstaion – Career Building

Artstaion – Career Building
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Part 1 – Presenting Yourself
Part 1 of 3. Clinton Crumpler leans on his in-depth experience, as an artist who hires artists, to help those looking for their next break get setup for success when it comes to career prep and building an attractive portfolio. Very frequently a bit of reorganization of a portfolio or personal image can make a huge difference to employers and takes only a little effort to potentially have a big impact! In this first part of a three-part series, Clinton discusses establishing an identity, resumes, and portfolio presentation. [Read more…]

Cloud Academy – Career Opportunities in Cloud Computing

Cloud Academy – Career Opportunities in Cloud Computing-STM
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This course describes 6 different positions in the cloud computing industry, all of which are in high demand as established companies move to cloud technologies, companies expand IT departments, and new companies form. There s great opportunity for fulfilling work with great pay Overall it s a great time to be in the cloud computing industry (which is rapidly becoming the IT industry) [Read more…]