Apress Building Apps with SwiftUI Custom Views and Common Use Cases

Apress Building Apps with SwiftUI Custom Views and Common Use Cases-RiDWARE
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Category: Tutorial

Create a basic application flow with SwiftUI involving login and a user dashboard interface in this video. Discover the new file structure introduced by SwiftUI and how it uses structs instead of classes for Views. Then learn about common layout elements such as Text, Images, HStack, VStack, ZStack, and NavigationViews. After understanding the structure and elements, dive in to create a login layout and a user authentication backend. Then once you’ve got your user logged in, create a dashboard layout for your users with SwiftUI. Finally learn to troubleshoot and polish up your new interfaces. [Read more…]

Packt – Building Twitter Bot With Python and Tweepy Python Project

Packt – Building Twitter Bot With Python and Tweepy Python Project PROPER-RiDWARE
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Category: CBTs

Welcome to Building a Twitter Bot with Python and Tweepy – a Python Project.
This course will help you build a Twitter bot project step-by-step with Tweepy and Twitter’s free developer API. After developing it, you will deploy the bot online, so it works 24/7. Your Twitter bot will implement Auto Reply, Auto Retweet, Auto Favorite/Like, Auto Search, and more! [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Building Neural Networks with scikit-learn

Pluralsight – Building Neural Networks with scikit-learn-XQZT
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Category: Tutorial

This course covers all the important aspects of support currently available in scikit-learn for the construction and training of neural networks, including the perceptron, MLPClassifier, and MLPRegressor, as well as Restricted Boltzmann Machines. [Read more…]

BBC – Franco Building (2019) with Jonathan Meades 720p HDTV

BBC – Franco Building (2019) with Jonathan Meades 720p HDTV
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Category: Documentary

Jonathan Meades has in his time made films about the architecture of the infamous European dictators of the 20th century – Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. He’s now completing the set by turning his gaze onto Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. Franco, unlike the other three, died peacefully in his bed having been in power for 36 years, and his architectural legacy, Meades argues, was more enduring and surprising than any of the others.
[Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Building Your First CLI App in Node

Linkedin – Learning Building Your First CLI App in Node-XQZT
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Category: Tutorial

Put your Node.js skills to practical use by building a CLI App in Node.js. Many software developers, system administrators, and other advanced users frequently use command-line interfaces (CLIs) to perform tasks more efficiently, configure their machine, or access programs and features not typically available through the more popular graphical interfaces. If you’re looking for a good course to build your Node skills or you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to develop an app or tool in the CLI, then this course is for you. Join Naomi Freeman as she demonstrates how to build a command-line developer tool in Node.js that automates a few key Git commands. Discover how to leverage the Node.js and npm ecosystem of packages and modules to connect to the GitHub RESTful API with Ocktokit. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Building Customer Loyalty

Linkedin – Learning Building Customer Loyalty-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Customer acquisition is one of the most expensive investments a company can make. When you win a customer, you want to keep them for life. Increasing customer loyalty-those positive feelings that customers have about your brand-is the best way to increase sales, retention, and the overall value of your company. In this course, bestselling author Noah Fleming reveals the four stages of the customer loyalty loop: an ongoing cycle of engaging, converting, serving, and rewarding the customers that engage with your business. He shows how to apply these lessons by developing a customer loyalty action plan and customer loyalty program tailored for the needs of your business. Using these techniques, you can identify and retain your most valuable customers and keep them loyal for life. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Building Features from Image Data-XQZT

Pluralsight – Building Features from Image Data-XQZT
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Category: Tutorial

This course covers conceptual and practical aspects of pre-processing images to maximize the efficacy of image processing algorithms, as well as implementing feature extraction, dimensionality reduction, and latent factor identification. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Building Resilient Streaming Systems on Google Cloud Platform

Pluralsight – Building Resilient Streaming Systems on Google Cloud Platform-XQZT
English | Size: 475.86 MB
Category: Tutorial

This 1-week, accelerated on-demand course builds upon Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals. Through a combination of video lectures demonstrations, and hands-on labs, you’ll learn to build streaming data pipelines using Google cloud Pub/Sub and Dataflow to enable real-time decision making. You will also learn how to build dashboards to render tailored output for various stakeholder audiences [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Vue js Building an Interface

Linkedin – Learning Vue js Building an Interface-RiDWARE
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Category: Tutorial

The perfect way to learn Vue.js is to use Vue.js. Once you build an app interface and see its strengths and flexibility in action, you can decide how much of Vue.js you want to use in your own projects. This hands-on course teaches you how to build a simple component based app: an appointment booking and management system with features for searching and sorting. Along the way, Ray Villalobos shows how to use Vue.js components and subcomponents; build forms; create, update, and delete data; and manage events. By the end of the course, you’ll have a functional app prototype and more skills with this flexible framework. Take the related courses in Angular, React, and jQuery to see how to build the same project in multiple frameworks and choose the one that s right for you [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Building Restful Apis With Flask

Linkedin – Learning Building Restful Apis With Flask-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Regardless of platform, you will need to build APIs to serve data between different client applications and endpoints. Good APIs are a necessity for web and mobile projects, especially with the modern, mobile-first approach to development. This course delivers the fundamental knowledge required to enable highly connected interactions between applications via RESTful APIs. Follow along with Bruce Van Horn and learn how to quickly build, secure, and test an effective RESTful API using Python and Flask, the Python microframework. Find out how to use Flask with Python to approach database access, authentication, and other common tasks. Plus, learn about a few key plugins that make using Flask even easier. [Read more…]