PluralSight – Creating Blazor Components

PluralSight – Creating Blazor Components-JGTiSO
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Blazor is an excellent framework to write single-page applications while using just C# as the programming language. In this course, Creating Blazor Components, you will learn how to write both simple and more advanced Blazor components. First, you will learn how to write a basic component using one-way data binding and events. Next, you will discover the more wondrous capabilities of Blazor, like creating your own events, using chained binds and you will dive into cascading values and lifecycle methods. Finally, you will explore how to create templated components enabling component re-use to the max. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to create awesome components in Blazor for any application type [Read more…]

Udemy – Asp Net Core 3.0 Blazor and Razor Tutorial-H0WT0

Udemy – Asp Net Core 3.0 Blazor and Razor Tutorial-H0WT0
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With this course you will get started with blazor development – a technology that allows you to use c# on client-side. We will start with basics of razor syntax, we will look at what traditonal – rendered, razor can do. After that we will move to the blazor part and we will get started with server-side blazor, client-side blazor and hosted client-side blazor, which is both – client and server side projects. [Read more…]