Linkedin – Learning Google Drive Makeover Organizing Files and Folders

Linkedin – Learning Google Drive Makeover Organizing Files and Folders-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Discover ways to use and organize your files and folders online inside Google Drive. Beginning with a basic overview of how Google drive works, productivity expert and professional organizer Suzanna Kaye moves on to an exploration of unique features and shares her simple search-based filing system that makes working with Google Drive fast and easy. Suzanna also covers common mistakes to avoid, troubleshooting, and how to share files with others. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning SAP Business One Reporting and Customization-BiFiSO

Linkedin – Learning SAP Business One Reporting and Customization-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Explore techniques for customizing SAP Business One and making this enterprise content management tool fit your organization’s needs. Learn how to create custom reports with SQL for immediate use and for export. See how to create and add a Crystal Report to SAP B1 and modify the reports and forms you create. Discover how to customize SAP B1 for some of the most popular modifications. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning After Effects Weekly UPDATE 20191003

Linkedin – Learning After Effects Weekly UPDATE 20191003-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

During the last few years, After Effects has grown from a simple software program into an ever-evolving motion graphics ecosystem. New features are being added each quarter and it’s getting hard to keep up. This weekly series demonstrates tips, tricks, and techniques to help you to stay on top of the changes and reveals undocumented effects and shortcuts that will blow you away. Learn how to reset tools, control animations, create effects, control layers, fix issues, and integrate with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Cinema 4D. Tune in every Friday for a new tip. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Entrepreneurship Foundations

Linkedin – Learning Entrepreneurship Foundations-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Join Kim Kaupe as she shares the steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Kim begins by providing a set of tools to assess a potential business opportunity, outlines some of the challenges you might face, and offers a formula for starting small and creating your new company. She covers how to raise funds and the importance of having the right tools available. She also identifies the important people in the process of entrepreneurship and how each plays a powerful role in your success. Finally, Kim shares how to find a tribe of supporters and how to scale your new business.
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Linkedin – Learning Raspberry Pi Weekly UPDATE 20190927

Linkedin – Learning Raspberry Pi Weekly UPDATE 20190927-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Raspberry Pi lets you explore electronics, computer, programming, and the Internet of Things. You can build complex projects on a budget-from robots to media servers. This weekly series helps you create meaningful projects in a short time, and learn tips and key techniques that will help you across your creations. Each episode teaches you a coherent set of software and hardware approaches to connect computing power to the physical world. Join instructor Mark Niemann-Ross every week for a new Raspberry Pi technique. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Digital Marketing Trends UPDATE 20191002

Linkedin – Learning Digital Marketing Trends UPDATE 20191002-BiFiSO
English | Size: 276.24 MB
Category: Marketing

Stay up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing. In this biweekly series, marketing and social media expert Martin Waxman explores the newest tools and techniques that marketers are using to reach their customers. Find out what’s new, how it will affect your business, and what other companies are doing to adapt. Every two weeks you can explore a new topic, including mobile, voice search, video and live streaming, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the evolution of social media, and regulations like GDPR. The course is an effective way to understand what’s happening in the world of marketing and how you can leverage these trends to help make your business more successful. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Ux Insights Weekly UPDATE 20191002

Linkedin – Learning Ux Insights Weekly UPDATE 20191002-BiFiSO
English | Size: 973.11 MB
Category: Tutorial

Do you need to deepen your understanding of user experience (UX) design for a new job or project? In this weekly series, instructor Chris Nodder digs into a variety of UX techniques and tools. Chris breaks down key practices such as card sorts, wireframes, usability testing, and desirability studies. He also explores specialized research techniques that can help you glean even more powerful insights into what your users want and need. In each self-contained video, he shares practical examples that help you grasp how these techniques work in the real world. Tune in each week to explore practices that can help you solve problems and create products that delight users. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Selling Strategies That Boost Customer Acquisition

Linkedin – Learning Selling Strategies That Boost Customer Acquisition-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Entrepreneurs have more ways than ever to sell products or services, including directly to consumers online. The trick is to identify which selling strategies will yield the right mix of profits and market share. While using direct sales methods enables you to pocket more of the margin and establish direct connections with your customers, indirect sales methods can spread your products far and wide quickly and help your brand gain a foothold fast. This course delves into individual selling strategies, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each, and provides a framework for evaluating which are most appropriate for your business. Tips for connecting your selling strategies to your marketing strategy and incorporating selling models into your company financials are also covered. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Ethical Hacking Hacking Web Servers and Web Applications

Linkedin – Learning Ethical Hacking Hacking Web Servers and Web Applications-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Websites and web applications are-by their very nature-accessible remotely, which puts them at high risk of cyberattacks. Knowing how to detect and prevent web attacks is a critical skill for developers and information security professionals alike. In this course, find out how to test your sites and applications for weaknesses. Cybersecurity expert Malcolm Shore examines the various parts of a web application and introduces the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), which provides documentation, tools, and forums for web developers and testers. He also provides an overview of popular testing tools, including Burp Suite and OWASP ZAP. Learn how to use these utilities to run basic and advanced tests, and protect sites against common attacks. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Advanced Seo Search Factors

Linkedin – Learning Advanced Seo Search Factors-BiFiSO
English | Size: 220.93 MB
Category: Tutorial

SEO search factors-the elements that contribute to how and where your site is displayed on the Google results page-impact how your content makes its way to your audience. In this course, Brad Batesole pulls back the curtain on the modern search engine, walking through the goals and intent of searching, how people search, and how search results pull up the relevant results and rank content. Along the way, Brad points out how to capture Google featured snippets and reveals how results and programmatic site features work. He also delves into methodologies for mining results from Google to unlock new ideas and opportunities. [Read more…]