Linkedin – Learning CERT PREP Adobe Certified Associate Indesign

Linkedin – Learning CERT PREP Adobe Certified Associate Indesign-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Starting your graphic design career? Make yourself stand out to employers and clients by becoming an Adobe Certified Associate in InDesign. ACA certification can be the gateway to jobs and lifelong mastery of InDesign. This course helps you study for and pass the Print & Digital Media Publication Using Adobe InDesign exam. Instructor Mike Rankin explains the benefits of ACA certification, how to organize your study efforts, and how to determine when you’re ready to take the exam. Each exam objective is covered in detail, from identifying your audience and laying out your initial design to publishing your final document. Mike also explains what to expect at the testing center, and how to promote your ACA status and participate in the ACA community, including the ACA World Championship. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning R Programming in Data Science Dates and Times

Linkedin – Learning R Programming in Data Science Dates and Times-BiFiSO
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Category: CBTs

Join author Barton Poulson as he introduces the R statistical processing language, including how to install R on your computer, read data from SPSS and spreadsheets, and use packages for advanced R functions. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Business Ethics for Managers and Leaders

Linkedin – Learning Business Ethics for Managers and Leaders-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Ethical behavior starts at the top. If leadership sets a good example, the rest of the organization will follow. Yet while most managers try to run ethical organizations, the headlines are rife with stories of corporate corruption. In this course, Bob McGannon helps you understand what business ethics is and why it is critical to the success of your business (especially in the era of social media). He also describes some of the behaviors and expectations you can put in place at your company today to promote ethical behavior from top to bottom. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning WordPress Accessibility

Linkedin – Learning WordPress Accessibility-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Everybody deserves the opportunity to experience your website. Making your content, themes, and navigation accessible helps everyone-users with disabilities, visitors who find your site through search engine results, and anyone else who wants a great user experience. This course helps you make sure your website meets modern accessibility standards. You can learn how to use the power of WordPress to quickly build a beautiful website that can be used by people with different types of abilities. Author Joe Dolson provides a broad introduction to accessibility and then focuses on practical steps to ensure your WordPress themes, plugins, and content are accessible and usable to all. He also shows how to test your site to make sure it meets the most current accessibility standards. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Human Centered Leadership

Linkedin – Learning Human Centered Leadership-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

What keeps certain companies standing strong year after year, while others fall away? While myriad factors contribute to a company’s longevity, the presence-or absence-of caring and compassionate leaders plays a particularly critical role. The future of business requires organizations to adopt a human-centered view of leadership. In this course, Sesil Pir shares strategies designed to help you connect to your purpose as a leader and build more sustainable organizations. Sesil provides a historical view of leadership and management and highlights new perspectives that challenge the status quo of work. She introduces the core human attributes necessary for human-centered leadership and shares inside-out and outside-in interventions for supporting the development of trust-based environments. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning MySQL Installation and Configuration

Linkedin – Learning Mysql Installation and Configuration-BiFiSO
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Category: CBTs

Whether you’re a developer, a database analyst, or just someone looking to manage data for their small business, having the ability to install and configure MySQL is a professional asset. In this course, join instructor Bill Weinman as he steps through how to install and configure MySQL on various platforms. Bill shows how to install MySQL on a Mac, as well as machines running Windows and Ubuntu Linux. He demonstrates how to create user accounts, assign database access privileges, and manage passwords. Plus, he goes over the different storage engine options in MySQL, including InnoDB. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Aws for Developers Rds Mysql Database With Lambdas-BiFiSO

Linkedin – Learning AWS for Developers Rds Mysql Database With Lambdas-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

The demands of online resources, especially databases, is growing for app development. AWS puts the power of relational databases (RDS) in the hands of developers with Lambdas, but without the difficulty of server configuration and maintenance. AWS provides the power of the server without the needs of configuration, development, and maintenance. In this course, learn how to leverage a RDS MySQL Database, a relational database that can be accessed from an app via Lambdas. Bear Cahill covers AWS account setup, creating a MySQL database, initializing a Node.js project, converting code to Lambda, testing, using SQL queries to work with rows of data, and more. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Own Your Voice Improve Presentations and Executive Presence

Linkedin – Learning Own Your Voice Improve Presentations and Executive Presence-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

The ability to deliver a powerhouse presentation isn’t reserved for a gifted few. With enough practice, anyone can learn how to express themselves with confidence. In this course, join communication coach Jackie Miller as she shares practical tips for exuding executive presence and poise when speaking to audiences large and small. Explore different communication styles (and how to embrace your own). Get theater-based techniques for improving eye contact and harnessing the power of breath. Plus, learn best practices for amplifying voices that may otherwise go unheard; ridding your speech of qualifiers, fillers, and apologies; communicating effectively when English isn’t your first language; and more. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning React for Web Designers-BiFiSO

Linkedin – Learning React for Web Designers-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

You don’t have to start from scratch with React. This super popular JavaScript framework can make your existing websites and apps even better, with very little overhead. Learn practical ways to incorporate React in real-world web designs, in this course with Joe Chellman. Joe introduces three small projects that benefit from React: a product manager that showcases React state, props, and events; an employee directory using React forms and animation; and a status board that uses React to make external API calls. Each project demonstrates what makes React most interesting and useful to web designers and provides solutions for dealing with the few unique challenges, such as working without a build tool. [Read more…]

Linkedin – Learning Monday Productivity Pointers UPDATE 20190729

Linkedin – Learning Monday Productivity Pointers UPDATE 20190729-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

In this weekly series on being productive with technology, authors Jess Stratton, Garrick Chow, and Nick Brazzi introduce tools and tips to help make today’s software and devices work more efficiently and powerfully for you. With everything from pointers on using Microsoft Office and Google platforms to learning social networking skills and discovering the most useful apps for your iPhone or Android device, there’s something for everyone. [Read more…]