BBC – Clive James Postcard from Bombay (1995)

BBC – Clive James: Postcard from Bombay (1995)
English | Size: 878 MB
Category: Documentary

Clive James visits the bustling city of Bombay. Pursued by beggars, he makes his escape to Bollywood, where he finds stunt work in a costume epic. He also watches a street dentist and visits a roadside astrologer. [Read more…]

BBC – Unsung Heroines The Lost World of Female Composers (2018)

BBC – Unsung Heroines: The Lost World of Female Composers (2018)
English | Size: 805 MB
Category: Documentary

Danielle de Niese explores the lives and works of five female composers – from the Middle Ages to the late 20th century – who were famous in their lifetimes, but whose work was then forgotten. [Read more…]

BBC – Clive James Postcard from Miami (1990)

BBC – Clive James: Postcard from Miami (1990)
English | Size: 992 MB
Category: Documentary

Clive James goes to Miami in search of vice. He’s given a boat tour of the Miami islands by an ex-CIA agent, speeds out into the Gulf with US Customs to track down drug runners, and cruises through Coconut Grove in a Miami Police patrol car. He also meets Miami Vice star Don Johnson, Gloria Estefan of the Miami Sound Machine, columnist for the Miami Herald Dave Barry, and Joel Hirschhorn, who defends alleged drug barons. [Read more…]

BBC – San Fhuil Its in the Blood

BBC – San Fhuil Its in the Blood
English | Size: 2.22 GB
Category: Documentary

A personal portrait of the crofting calendar on South Uist, past and present.
Made from rock as old as the moon, Uist has been shaped by winds, tides and the people who have continuously worked this landscape for 5,000 years. The traditional crofting methods enable rare species of birds and flowers to thrive that are extinct elsewhere in the British Isles. Conflicts arise from the dramatic weather system and the front-line cycles of life and death, and from the flocking geese. [Read more…]

BBC Natural World – Tigers Hunting the Traffickers (2020)

BBC Natural World – Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers (2020)
English | Size: 1GB
Category: Documentary

Aldo Kane is on a mission to expose the shocking secrets of the illegal tiger trade in south east Asia and those who profit. Working alongside fearless wildlife crime investigators and covertly filming tiger traffickers, Aldo embarks on a perilous journey along key trafficking routes connecting Malaysia, China, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. He reveals how the breeding and farming of captive tigers drives consumer demand for tiger products and fuels the poaching of wild tigers. Aldo’s secretly filmed evidence is presented to international decision-makers at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in the hope that it will bring about change. With fewer than 4,000 tigers left in the wild, Aldo’s investigation also highlights the plight of a majestic species on the brink of extinction. [Read more…]

BBC – Steve McQueen Le Mans and The Man (2020)

BBC – Steve McQueen: Le Mans and The Man (2020)
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Category: Documentary

Follows Steve McQueen’s efforts to make his passion project, the 1971 film Le Mans, revealing the true extent of the troubled production process. Throughout filming, Steve would lose his marriage, close friendships, control of his film and endangered lives, as he risked everything in pursuit of his dream. [Read more…]

BBC – Whatever Happened to the Boat People (2020)

BBC – Whatever Happened to the Boat People (2020)
English | Size: 1.10 GB
Category: Documentary

Rachel Nguyen tells the story of the Vietnamese Boat People who came to Britain in the 70s and 80s. British-born Rachel, whose parents fled post-war Vietnam, discovers how a new community came to exist in Britain when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher eventually agreed to take in 10,000 Vietnamese refugees. [Read more…]

BBC Our World – Wuhan Life under Lockdown (2020)

BBC Our World – Wuhan: Life under Lockdown (2020)
English | Size: 426 MB
Category: Documentary

Coronavirus is now spreading around the world as governments scramble to contain it. The outbreak began in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has been locked down since late January. With exclusive access to two film-makers inside the city, Our World tells the story of life under lockdown. It is a film which takes you from the deserted streets to the homes of those battling the virus. How do you survive when daily life gets shut down? [Read more…]

BBC Time Shift – Bridging the Gap How the Severn Bridge was Built (2016)

BBC Time Shift – Bridging the Gap: How the Severn Bridge was Built (2016)

English | Size: 1.68 GB
Category: Tutorial

2016 saw the 50th anniversary of the Severn Bridge, which completed the motorway link between England and Wales. Timeshift tells the inside story of the design and construction of ‘the most perfect suspension bridge in the world’, and how its unique slimline structure arose by accident. [Read more…]

BBC – Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure (2020)

BBC – Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure (2020)
English | Size: 2.06 GB
Category: Documentary

After a lifetime of worrying about her weight, 78-year-old actress Miriam Margolyes embarks on a journey to work out why the nation is getting ever fatter.
[Read more…]