Linux Academy – AWS Certified DevOps Professional Exam Prep Course

Linux Academy – AWS Certified DevOps Professional Exam Prep Course-APoLLo
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Category: Tutorial

I’m pleased to announce my new course for Linux Academy, the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Preparation course. This is an update to a terrific course by Christophe Limpalair. The AWS world moves very rapidly, and this new course will bring you up to speed with all the latest developments in DevOps. [Read more…]

Lynda – Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Cert Prep 3 Manage Security Operations

Lynda – Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Cert Prep 3 Manage Security Operations-APoLLo
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Category: Tutorial

Cybersecurity skills are in high demand, and the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) exam is a great opportunity for IT professionals to showcase their skills to current and future employers. In this course, Pete Zerger helps prepare test takers to excel in the Managing Security Operations domain of the AZ-500 exam. Pete provides end-to-end coverage of each of the exam objectives for this domain, providing hands-on demonstrations along the way. Learn how to configure diagnostic logging and log retention, configure centralized policy management using Azure Security Center, configure a playbook for a security event using Azure Security Center, create and customize alerts to deliver timely notification of important changes and events in your Azure subscription, and more. [Read more…]

Linux Academy – Provisioning and Managing Devices in Azure IoT AZ-220 Course 2-APoLLo

Linux Academy – Provisioning and Managing Devices in Azure IoT AZ-220 Course 2-APoLLo
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Category: Tutorial

Shawn currently resides in Waller, TX. While he could live anywhere in the world to perform his job, he’s never leaving Texas, minus excursions to New Orleans and Disney World. He’s still waiting for the perfect opportunity to inject worthless information into his courses so that everyone the world over can win more trivia contests. If he didn’t need a job and money wasn’t an object, he’d be barbecuing every day, selling his smoked wares until he sold out. That said, when retirement day comes, you’ll probably find him sitting by the river doing absolutely nothing.I’ve been in technology for over 20 years. Yes, I’m one of the older TAs around here. But I’m immature enough to compensate for my age. I’ve been involved in Azure for about 5 years now. Prior to that, I was the digital Cliff Claven (Google it), implementing and supporting Exchange Server all the way back to version 5.0.In my spare time, I brew beer and cook, both indoors and out. I am married with three great kids who are too much like me. When people say they weep for our future, they’re not talking about my kids, who are the greatest ever. No bias here.When I release content here at Linux Academy, rest assured that it will be informative and fun. We’ll laugh, cry and learn together. So let’s get to it. [Read more…]

Lynda – Microservices Design Patterns

Lynda – Microservices Design Patterns-APoLLo
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Category: Tutorial

Design patterns save developers from needing to puzzle out solutions to problems that others in their industry have already encountered and solved. In this course, get up to speed with over 15 different design patterns you can leverage when building and operating microservices, as well as the common problems they can help you remedy. Instructor Frank Moley goes over decomposition, integration, data, and operational patterns, tying each pattern to the problem it solves. Learn about the API gateway pattern that can prevent chaos by providing a buffer between underlying services and client needs, the sidecar pattern that allows you to offload processing of some kind to a separate module, and much more. [Read more…]

Linux Academy – KVM Virtualization on Linux

Linux Academy – KVM Virtualization on Linux-APoLLo
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Category: Tutorial

This video is an introduction to virtualization on Linux using KVM. It shows how to create a virtual machine using Virtual Machine Manager.
Did you know that, for a long time, Linux has had its own built-in virtualization technology, KVM? In this course, you will gain a better understanding of KVM Virtualization on Linux through interactive, hands-on lessons. We will explore four scenarios: workstation virtualization using the GUI utilities, web-based management using Cockpit, managing virtualization using the Linux CLI, and managing virtual workloads using oVirt on CentOS. When you have finished this course, you will have the skills necessary to design, deploy, and manage virtual workloads using KVM on Linux. [Read more…]

Lynda – SketchUp Rendering for Compositing in V-Ray Next

Lynda – SketchUp Rendering for Compositing in V-Ray Next-APoLLo
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Category: Tutorial

Learn critical techniques for creating renders of your 3D visualizations in compositing applications such as Photoshop while using V-Ray Next with SketchUp. Instructor Brian Bradley reviews the available render elements in SketchUp, including the user interface, workflow, and output options. He then shows how to leverage elements like Global Illumination, Specular, and Refraction in an initial beauty pass-the main full-color rendering of your scene. Finally, learn how to render multiple, accurate mattes and textures; adjust the depth and sample rate of final output; and use those complex matte renders in programs like Photoshop to speed up compositing. [Read more…]