Pluralsight – Quickly Codelessly Connect Any Application To Any Rest API

Pluralsight – Quickly Codelessly Connect Any Application To Any Rest API-NOLEDGE
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Notes: Big Data LDN 2019 | Quickly Codelessly Connect Any Application to Any REST API | James Goodfellow In today’s digital business landscape data is fragmented and scattered across various systems. Pulling all this data together is a significant challenge, and with businesses constantly implementing new data sources, integration complexities just keep multiplying. In this presentation, James Goodfellow explores a new approach to data access that seamlessly connects and integrates with REST APIs without coding. The results include more productive developers and easy and fast access to the data that you need to find insights and drive value [Read more…]

Pluralsight – API Gateways And Microservices CodeMash-REBAR

Pluralsight – API Gateways And Microservices CodeMash-REBAR
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In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage API Gateways so your microservices are able to fully connect and harness their power. Santosh Hari will go into details on various API Gateway offerings and a decision matrix on which one to choose. The talk will also highlight the various features of API Gateways like productizing APIs, creating users and subscriptions, security, error handling, rate limiting, and more. For demonstration purposes, Santosh will use Azure API Management. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Securing Your Api Endpoints Codemash

Pluralsight – Securing Your Api Endpoints Codemash-NOLEDGE
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CodeMash 2020 | Securing Your API Endpoints – A Practical Authentication Guide | Seth Petry-Johnson
It’s never been easier to expose services over HTTP. It’s also never been easier to inadvertently expose security holes via those same services. This session is designed for the average developer/architect that wants a brief overview of API security without getting into the weeds of cryptography or complex authentication frameworks. You’ll learn from Seth Petry-Johnson about OAuth, API Keys, HMAC, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), and more. Don’t worry if those things sound foreign; they’ll be explained in a clear, practical way so that you’ll be able to choose the appropriate tool for your specific needs. [Read more…]

PluralSight – Building Your First API With ASP.NET Core

PluralSight – Building Your First API With ASP NET Core-REBAR
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Hello! My name is Kevin Dockx, and welcome to Building Your First API with ASP.NET Core. In this course, you will learn how to build an API with ASP.NET Core that connects to a database via Entity Framework Core. You will get there by covering major topics like getting resources from services and manipulating them, the built-in dependency injection system & logger, working with different environments, configuration files and middleware, and Entity Framework Core related features like working with migrations and seeding the database. By the end of this course, you will be able to build an API from scratch with ASP.NET Core. Before you begin, make sure you are already familiar with C#. I hope you’ll join me, and I look forward to helping you on your learning journey here at Pluralsight. [Read more…]

PluralSight – Automating Cisco SD-WAN Operations Using APIs

PluralSight – Automating Cisco SD-WAN Operations Using APIs-ELOHiM
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Managing any modern network architecture is difficult as our infrastructure increases in size and complexity. In this course Automating Cisco SD-WAN Operations Using APIs, you will learn foundational knowledge surrounding the wide variety of SD-WAN APIs available. First, you will build a simple Python SDK to abstract away the complexities of the SD-WAN API. This is often a big hurdle for many new SD-WAN programmers. Next, you will learn about to configure advanced routing policies on the vSmart controllers which govern how the SD-WAN fabric forwards traffic This is the primary purpose of any SD-WAN architecture. Finally you will explore how to perform a variety of miscellaneous actions, such as collecting dashboard/control statistics performing complex data queries, and administering the SD-WAN system itself. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of SD-WAN automation needed to deploy and manage professional-grade WAN fabrics [Read more…]

ITProTV – RESTful API with Express

ITProTV – RESTful API with Express
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In this series, we creates a RESTful API using the Express web application framework. Justin review the process of setting up a Node-based project as well as installing the Express Node module. After that, Justin discusses important concepts and processes that are key in developing a RESTful API such as creating routes that correspond to data resources, data modeling of those resources, use of middleware to make the API a little more robust, and adding a persistence layer to the API. RESTful APIs are abound when developing software, so if that sounds like something interesting to you, then join us! [Read more…]