Skillshare – Learn and Understand AngularJS

Skillshare – Learn and Understand AngularJS-XCODE
English | Size: 1.77 GB
Category: Tutorial

Knowing AngularJS can get you a job or improve the one you have. It’s a skill that will put you more in demand in
the modern web development industry, and make your web software life easier, that’s why it’s so popular and backed
by Google [Read more…]

Udemy – Mastering AngularJS UI Development

Udemy – Mastering AngularJS UI Development BOOKWARE-SOFTiMAGE
English | Size: 620.37 MB
Category: Tutorial

Master the art of creating amazing, reliable, and dynamic user interfaces for your AngularJS applications [Read more…]

Packt – Hacking AngularJS Applications

Packt – Hacking AngularJS Applications-RiDWARE
English | Size: 246.06 MB
Category: Tutorial

Explore how hackers can steal secrets from AngularJS applications
Learn about different types of vulnerabilities in AngularJS applications
Discover how to find these vulnerabilities step-by-step in practice (DEMOS)
Learn how hackers escalate the vulnerabilities found in AngularJS applications in order to launch more powerful attacks
Hack an AngularJS application with a purely static template
AngularJS is widely used in modern web applications. What’s more – security vulnerabilities in AngularJS applications can lead to very severe consequences. That’s why this subject is interesting for hackers. [Read more…]

WintellectNow AngularJS

WintellectNow AngularJS
English | Size: 2.22 GB
Category: Tutorial

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that enables you to teach HTML new tricks. The goal of the framework is to enable a clean separation of concerns between presentation and business logic by providing declarative templates with data binding and dependency injection. In this master series from Wintellect’s Jeremy Likness and Dave Baskin, you’ll learn what AngularJS brings to the table and how to use it to build cutting-edge Web apps. [Read more…]

Packt – Learning Path – Elasticsearch and AngularJS – IntraWeb Search

Packt – Learning Path – Elasticsearch and AngularJS – IntraWeb Search
English | Size: 783.49 MB
Category: CBTs

Learn to integrate Elasticsearch with AngularJS.

Elasticsearch is an open-source search engine that can help power extremely fast searches in data discovery applications. If you’re looking forward to implementing Elasticsearch in your web application to enhance data discovery, then this is the perfect Learning Path for you. You will be taught the basics of AngularJS and Elasticsearch first, so as to develop a strong foundation. Then, you will learn to integrate Elasticsearch in a basic Angular-based application. Furthermore, you’ll be taught how to enhance your search results.
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Packt – Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS

Packt – Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS
English | Size: 338 MB
Category: Video Training

Building web applications that can manage huge chunks of data consistently is becoming increasingly difficult and this affects the efficiency of your app. Single Page Applications (SPA) solve this issue as its design principles make life easy for data-intensive applications by updating the constant stream of data in the same page, making the application more intuitive for the user.
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