Cloud Academy – Designing and Implementing an Agile Work Management Approach-STM

Cloud Academy Designing and Implementing an Agile Work Management Approach-STM
English | Size: 578.75 MB
Category: Tutorial

This course provides the foundational knowledge that is required to effectively design and implement an agile work management approach in Azure DevOps. You will learn about project metrics and key performance indicators, or KPIs, and how they relate to DevOps projects. The course then moves on to how to mentor team members on Agile practices, as well as in-team and cross-team collaboration You ll learn how to achieve effective collaboration through cultural changes, cross-functional team collaboration, and tooling. The course comes to an end by looking at the steps and requirements required for creating organizational structures for Agile practices [Read more…] – Learn Modern Project Management with Agile and Scrum – Learn Modern Project Management with Agile and Scrum-iNKiSO
English | Size: 320.43 MB
Category: Tutorial

This course provides an introduction to agile project management concentrating on scrum (although it will also touch on other forms of agile). You’ll get a comprehensive introduction to scrum and an understanding of why it is so suited for teams working on web projects
The course also includes access to downloadable scrum “cheat sheet” reference card [Read more…] – Learn Modern Project Management Methods Agile Waterfall Lean and Scrum – Learn Modern Project Management Methods Agile Waterfall Lean and Scrum-iNKiSO
English | Size: 133.85 MB
Category: Tutorial

Freelancers know what a struggle it is to stay organized and understand different project management styles Michelle Nickolaisen is all too familiar with this daily juggle of projects, and puts her experience to good use in this savvy project management course. Learn everything from different project management methodologies such as Agile and Scrum, and how to become – and stay! – organized. Soon youll be ready to take over the world confidently jump into any development team, and tackle that next big project. Are you ready? [Read more…]

ITProtv – Agile Testing

ITProtv – Agile Testing
English | Size: 940.5 MB
Category: Tutorial

In this series we explore the concepts of Agile project management testing, the techniques, and the roles and responsibilities associated with Agile testing.

Throughout the episodes we recap over Agile basics and journey through testing quadrants, categories, and timing. All accompanying course materials are able and also provide suggestions for testing environments.

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Cloud Academy – Introduction to Agile

Cloud Academy – Introduction to Agile-STM
English | Size: 1.55 GB
Category: Tutorial

AGILE has become the de facto framework for innovation at scale, and knowing AGILE processes are a baseline skill for any organization looking to leverage the speed and flexibility of cloud services. The introduction to AGILE course covers a broad spectrum of topics from how to hold an AGILE meeting to deconstructing its key concepts techniques and best practices In this short course, made up of ten lectures, we introduce you to the key concepts, roles, and techniques of the AGILE methodology so you will be able to recognize and explain the agile process in work situations Intended Audience [Read more…]

PluralSight – Agile Transformation Executive Briefing

PluralSight – Agile Transformation Executive Briefing-JGTiSO
English | Size: 169.79 MB
Category: Agile

Organizations find themselves at an intersection, an intersection of change from an organizational model designed in the industrial economy to a new model, one of agility, for today’s digital economy. Learn more about what that change looks like. [Read more…]