Skillshare – Advanced Techniques in Surface Pattern Design

Skillshare – Advanced Techniques in Surface Pattern Design
English | Size: 1.2GB
Category: Tutorial

Now that your comfortable using Adobe Illustrator, it’s time to tackle the more advanced techniques we can use to build complex, beautiful repeating patterns. In this course, we’ll quickly cover the basics of building repeating patterns, and progress to more skillful pattern techniques like how to build geometric, diagonal, layered, textured and lined repeats. [Read more…]

Packt – Sauce Labs Masterclass Advanced Test Automation

Packt – Sauce Labs Masterclass Advanced Test Automation-XQZT
English | Size: 1.16 GB
Category: Tutorial

Key Features
Get an overview of the Sauce Labs dashboard
Understand the concept of tunnels, analytics, and archive tabs
Create a new project layout [Read more…]

VueMastery – Vue 3 Essentials Advanced

VueMastery – Vue 3 Essentials Advanced-BooKWoRM
English | Size: 252.95 MB
Category: Tutorial

Understanding the upcoming features in Vue 3 that enable developers to create scalable Vue applications [Read more…]

VueMastery – Advanced Components Advanced

VueMastery – Advanced Components Advanced-BooKWoRM
English | Size: 1.37 GB

Discover the full functionality of Vue components with Gregg Pollack & Evan You, the creator of Vue [Read more…]

Linux Academy – Kubernetes Security Advanced Concepts

Linux Academy – Kubernetes Security Advanced Concepts-BiFiSO
English | Size: 433.70 MB
Category: Tutorial

This course is the second part of the Kubernetes Security series. The first part is Kubernetes Security. This part is Advanced Concepts. This course guides the student through implementing network policy. It then goes through the administrative steps necessary to build, launch and maintain a secure Kubernetes Cluster. [Read more…]

PluralSight – Advanced Network Security on AWS

PluralSight – Advanced Network Security on AWS-ELOHiM
English | Size: 132.93 MB
Category: Tutorial

There are many different layers where you can introduce network security on AWS. In this course, Advanced Network Security on AWS, you ll learn the best practices of setting up a secure network on AWS. First, you ll explore the VPC and the necessary features used and skills required to set up a more secure network. Next, you ll discover the Elastic Load Balancer s different security features and how it can be used as a point of protection. Finally, you ll see how to configure a CloudFront distribution and implement restrictive security controls on CloudFront. When you re finished with this course, you ll have the skills and knowledge of AWS services and features needed to implement network security on AWS [Read more…]